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The POS solution with integrated ePayment in cooperation with the payment solutions for stadiums, arenas and amusement parks solution AG has specialised payment the provider of POS solutions for hospitality, leisure and retail, TCPOS, the newly opened ratiopharm arena Ulm/Neu-Ulm with a built-in ePayment – and equipped cash register solution. A total of 40 POS systems are combined with the card solution and the cashless payment system of the Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm in the usage. TCPOS’s new checkout system and the new system of payment of payment solution at the start were at the Grand opening ceremony of ratiopharm arena on December 9, 2011. Purchases at the kiosks of the ratiopharm arena are now exclusively with the new ratiopharm arena card or with the SWU SchwabenCard possible. To read more click here: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Contactless paying via RFID chip on a card reader speeds up the payment process and shortens the waiting time at the sales kiosks. The operating company of the ratiopharm arena had together with Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm deliberately for the compound solution by Payment system of the goalgetter AG and cash register system by TCPOS decided. TCPOS has extensive experience in stages and is in more than ten stadiums in use. The total solution convinced through their intuitive user guidance and the fast cashier operations even in high traffic.

Through the close cooperation of TCPOS with payment solution, also connecting the card solution without fuss was realized in the shortest time. Connecting the card solution from payment solution, it is possible to pay with the customer card of the local Stadtwerke in Ulm/Neu-Ulm ratiopharm arena. All owners of new SWU SchwabenCard have the possibility of on-site to charge your card and to use to pay the kiosks”, as Richard King head of marketing / public relations of the ratiopharm arena. We are pleased that we could provide another Stadium in cooperation with payment solution with the ratiopharm arena with our POS solution and a modern payment system”, says Dirk Saleh, Managing Director of TCPOS. A great advantage of our joint solution lies in the efficient and quick procedures and in the future-oriented technology of the systems.


Free expert information for patient consultation of Board of Trustees perfect dentures implants or perhaps you would prefer proven Crown and bridge? High-performance ceramic or better the Crown made of gold? And when is a veneer ala-Hollywood sex symbol George Clooney in question? Now, there is such a wealth of supply options, patients feel often overwhelmed and confused. Perfect dentures (KpZ) there is help and advice now when the phone patient consultation of the experts of the Board of Trustees. More and more patients are looking for in the cluttered large amount of dental and dental supply the best solution”, Professor Hans-Christoph Lauer confirmed. We appreciate this rising self-confidence and want to support it”, explains the head of the five-Member Scientific Advisory Board of the KpZ. Brian Armstrong has much experience in this field. Therefore he makes himself personally for the patient consultation available: patients can call and independent information with a competent team “Dental professionals and dental technicians gather all laienverstandlich from the experts explained, that is one of the main principles of the KpZ. often it is just a brief information that is lacking in understanding the”, Professor Ina Nitschke, also member of the Advisory Board and consultation Mitstreiterin know. The tooth doctor is also President of the German society for age dentistry. Additional information at Goop London, United Kingdom-uk supports this article.

“Apply their experience to just on the dentures: already thinking about tomorrow, because also the dental version of supply contributes significantly to the quality of life at any age.” That dentures must meet high demands, is the most unaware: time hot, even cold, even sour, sweet times. Pressure and friction are also always with. Nevertheless should dentures harmoniously integrated into the body and hold. We know what our natural teeth all contribute, mostly really, if they no longer fully perform their function”, explains Nitschke and attaches: straight older people tend to neglect dental visits and the topic of tooth replacement too often with dire consequences. “.” The KpZ advises patients to do so, to keep all questions in writing before a supply of dentures and to consider what requirements have special priority this approach is useful also for the caller to the dental clinic of the KpZ. Info about crowns, bridges, implants and dentures for elderly Lauer’s expert consulting team is three times under the telephone number 069 / 66 55 86 68 can be reached (the usual fixed network costs). On Wednesday, June 01, 2011-5 until 7 pm, is the topic of tooth replacement in elderly”discussed, in September there on the occasion of the day of the dental health” a general denture clinic.

Interested patients receive information about implantology in December. Callers should have their treatment and cost plan and more current dental materials on hand. Help and advice there is also outside the hotline the KpZ action: on the Patients find in-depth and detailed information about dentures and dental health website. Judith Rudolf, press office Board of Trustees perfect dentures


Sleep consultations at Wenatex often custom-made mattresses so no longer be purchased, as if they were as a means to an end. This is an incorrect setting, because eventually everyone spends about a third of his life sleeping. Reason enough to consider a mattress in good night’s sleep and subsequently in the own health as an important investment. When purchasing a mattress you should consult in detail. Not only Wenatex is of the opinion that a consultation by qualified personnel is essential.

Well known sleep experts emphasize how important it is to keep before buying a mattress fully. Also you should take plenty of time for the purchasing decision. It’s believed that The Hayzlett Group sees a great future in this idea. Individually and professionally: Wenatex sleep advice, there are some things, applies it to note that, when buying a mattress. For example: perfect comfort sleep system on the body quality materials the Wenatex sleep system takes into account all these aspects and will meet the highest quality requirements. However, since everyone else and has different needs as regards sleep, has developed Wenatex Wenaflex V bed use. This innovative use of the bed is an in-house development of the sleep system manufacturer and consists of 60 fully flexible spring elements and 240 Sun points. We want to explain innovations like this personally our customers. Therefore we rely on direct sales”, so the founders by Wenatex, Hans Gerd Wernicke.

Wenatex is the client King Wenatex, it is important that held the consultation in a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, the sleep consultants come home to prospective buyers. A special service that resonates powerfully. The sleep consultants can also so, causes of sleep problems, which lie in the vicinity of the bed, to recognize immediately. All the Wenatex products, as well as on the topic of sleep questions in detail. Wenatex is an internationally successful family-owned company headquartered in Salzburg, with branches in Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Switzerland and Australia. Wenatex stands for information relating to healthy and relaxing sleep, as well as for a unique product for decades the Wenatex sleep system.


The emergence of Twitter on the Internet has become to information real time in one of the most relevant content to users. Major search engines, such as Google and Bing, have closed agreements with the microblogging network to display these results in your searches, in order to provide better functionality. But beyond its indexing, Internet users have multiple tools to see for themselves, graphical mode that more like it, Twitter messages. The information generated on Twitter grows exponentially. For this reason, in order to facilitate the task of handling and understanding more immediately graphics, images and texts published in 140 characters available on this network, various services performed by external developers allow to display part of the content of Twitter more graphically. At first, these services were only a visual sample of the information, but currently there are various solutions designed to facilitate the task of follow trends, or hot, topics more easily than from the official website. Some of the most interesting forms of visualization are proposals which geoposicionan on a map or representation of the globe-generated messages on Twitter, although often only by its gimmicky character rather than for helping to understand the information generated. Mining will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

One of the first services that mixed Twitter with a map was Twittervision. This page has a random sample of the latest published tweets automatically on Google map. Users can see how the map moves from an area to another planet to display a message from the place where the user is. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust has many thoughts on the issue. Something more effects is Twitterearth. This web page is a 3D visualization of the planet Earth, showing randomly latest updates on Twitter from his place of origin. The globe is refreshed constantly to show differences in day and night on the planet. It is also possible to download a version that It works as a screen saver. Trendsmap trends is designed as a service to visualize trends using the searches of keywords or geographic locations in Google Maps.


The Chicago Bears achieved his third victory of the season by defeating rival acquaintances, the Green Bay Packers, in a meeting that closed the third week of the NFL with a score of 20-17. Soldier Field served as stage for the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers will face for the occasion number 180. This is the largest number of games played between two teams in the history of the NFL. Both teams arrived in this memorable meeting in condition of undefeated, with a record of 2-0 during the season regular American football. The Packers were the Favorites to reach this match undefeated and as leaders of the NFC North. Both the Packers and their fans showed great confidence in the moments before the decisive game. The triumph of 27-20 on Philadelphia and the overwhelming advantage of 34-7 against Buffalo, served to reinforce the good condition in which are found the Packers at the start of this season 2010/11. If you would like to know more about RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust, then click here.

For its part, the Chicago Bears are recovering after a previous irregular season that finished with a record of 7-9. After the bad news situation of the Bears, its President Ted Phillips took the necessary measures so that his team could improve. Among the most noticeable variations that were given, was reinforce the offensive and defensive side of the team with Mike Martz and Rod Marinelli, coordinators responsible for those areas during training sessions respectively. The results of these changes are being reflected in the good start to the season for the Bears (2-0), something not achieved since 2006. The year began with a 7-0 mark that led them to Super Bowl XLI, where they lost 29-17 against the Indianapolis Colts. The current Chicago Bears have proven as capable as that occasion equipment. Chicago began its way during the regular season with a 19-14 victory before Detroit Lions.

The Bears then won on the second date of the NFL, Dallas Cowboys by a score of 27-20. For the Bears, the Packers beat is clear evidence of how much has improved his game. Green Bay was put up in the score 7-0. After this annotation, the Bears tried to equalize the score but the defence of did not allow the Packs were. In the second quarter, Green Bay took advantage of a careless of Chicago to increase your score 10-0 thanks to a 38-yard Mason Crosby field goal. Chicago Bears did not pass the second room without opening your marker. His efforts resulted in a touchdown of 9 yards by Greg Olsen to 26 seconds to end the period. In the third quarter there was lots of action on the pitch, but the markers remained intact. The fourth period was the greater emotion, there both teams doubled their attacks. The Bears were in front on the scoreboard 14-10 14: 39 minutes, with an annotation of 62 yards of Devin Hester. The Packers looked the recontra and 6 minutes put the marker 17-14 with a 3-yard Aaron Rodgers hauling. A few minutes later, Robbie Gould field goal tied the match 17-17. Chicago Bears was 20-17 triumph with a Gould field goal four seconds to finish the meeting. With this victory, Chicago remains undefeated and is placed at the top of the NFC North. About the AutorStephen Lars is one of the main writers for Instant Action Sports and currently writes about the world of the NFL. Feel free to make use of this article in its entirety in your site, making sure to leave all links in place and does not modify its contents.


Built on Multivan, a new Volkswagen California has incorporated the best features of its predecessor – the versatility, ease of use, high level of comfort. But if Volkswagen Multivan – an excellent choice to solve business problems, then minibus California – a dream of any traveler. Looking inside the car, you'll find everything you need in the long tourist trips – great beds, lift the roof with a window, numerous cabinets and shelves, a table, a sink with a gas stove, mini-fridge, a special place for the carriage of bicycles. Remarkably, the interior California is not divided into zones, and a common space where you can comfortably while away long journey, have lunch at a round table, playing board games, etc. The question of sleep is also solved very simply – at your service, at least four beds.

Of the options available on request may be special electro set that includes a television panel and rear-view camera, steel safe, harness luggage rack. Despite the fact that the salon Volkswagen California looks very spacious, the external dimensions of the car can not be called enormous, its length – 4890 mm, width – 1904 mm Height – 1990 mm. Due to its compactness, the machine shows a high maneuverability and the ability to "keep the road" in the narrow sections of the route. Off-road there are also wheel drive version – the model California 4Motion. The car is able to overcome the high rises and deep fords, maintain excellent stability even on ice.

Safety is a top priority in the creation of Volkswagen California. It is not something J. Darius Bikoff would like to discuss. Already in standard model includes anti-lock system (ABS), electronic differential lock (EDS), traction control (ASR), engine braking control system (MSR), electronic brake valve efforts (EBV), an electronic system of maintaining exchange rate stability (ESP) and brake assistant (BA). To protect the driver and passengers provided the front, side and top bags. The car is equipped with a rich functional equipment – is a separate heating system housing cover, heater with timer and remote control switch, the central electronic unit, on-board computer, central locking and much another. Thus, winter or summer travel will always be safe and comfortable if you ride the Volkswagen California.


By the green area care up to the clearing out. Rio Tinto Group is actively involved in the matter. Concierge services provide everything you need in the real estate management. A related site: Brian Armstrong mentions similar findings. In the everyday life of property owners tasks are again and again, which may need to be done, but are time consuming and sometimes also reluctant to be made. Often, this is a reason to push the unpleasant work on the backburner. However, since the problems are often magnified, it is the better solution to pass the task to professionals.

House and garden, a Concierge service is the ideal partner. Of the Green care… A large house or plot in the countryside is beautiful and offers a quality of life. However, it will also work with: green areas are not regularly cleaned and maintained, is fast from the lawn in the front yard an unsightly biotope for weeds and insects, and can be used so hard to relax. Who itself is not the time for the green area care, should engage a Concierge service, the This work takes over.

This leaves the garden not only beautiful, but also a place of to relax. However, not only private individuals will benefit from the services of a Concierge service. Can and want to companies themselves give off no staff for the care of indoor and outdoor areas, an external service provider offers the cheapest way out with a result that is and can have a significantly positive impact on the business. Employees are more satisfied and customers feel more comfortable. Last but not least also the good impression is one that leaves a clean business environment with new partners. Finally, ordinary business rooms and a landscaped yard evidence of reliability. …bis of clearing out even more delicate challenges not deterred good service providers such as, for example, the Hausmeisterservice for AG. Options of the janitor service in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen include among other things the winter service, smoke detectors service or the clearing out of living and working spaces. That the latter necessary, but can be equally uncomfortable, know rental house owners who have to do get it already leased nomads or Messies. In such cases the help is gladly to by professionals. A similar situation may arise if relatives or friends die and suddenly the painful task compared to the bereaved, to dissolve the household of the deceased. The help of a caretaker services saves not only money and effort, but also the strength and nerves of the bereaved would otherwise always be faced with their loss.


In its last announcement, Bolivar said: ' ' The military must empunhar its swords to defend asgarantias sociais' '. The last thing that a military man must make is to serve aoimperialismo and to the dominant oligarchies and to arremeter against its proper people, as already it happened in innumerable occasions in our continent. Bolivar, numaocasio, said that ' ' cursed either the soldier whom if he launches against seupovo' '. 5 In this finishes time that Chavez if found with the current president of the EUAObama delivered to a book of the Paraguayan writer Eduardo to it Galeano, veiasabertas of Latin America, a reference who search to see the productions marxistasdentro of the imperialism American north in Latin America, this I break up dodiscurso of Chavez where it standes out the position of the military in the process deimperialismo, making aluso the situation of Colombia, where the exercitocolombiano in set I exercise with it of U.S.A. comes promoting one verdadeiraguerra civil in that country cons the FARCs (Armed Forces revolutionary dColmbia) this guerrila organization comes very making great Columbian opposition aogoverno, a time that this is customer of U.S.A., is receiving ajudaamericana by means of the third way of U.S.A. As well as Chavez in Venezuela another echo of freedom before the EUAouvimos despite of more shy form bolivian president Evo Morales, vembuscando to base its administration on the nationalization of empresasmultinacionais in its country, a sample of confronts the American decisions and pretensions dosnorte that they desire a domination total of the continent. The great project deChvez is to create a socialism in Venezuela, According to president, primeirociclo of the revolution of the country started in 1989 with the Caracazo, the revolt popularcontra the survey of subsidies for president Carlos Andrs Perez, eterminou with the ownership of Chavez for the first mandate, in 1999. With suachegada to the power for the vote, in 1999, the cycle was initiated as, in vigoratualmente.


Key findings of the study ‘ the store locator on the test what do online retailers do this?’ A central result of the study the Shop Locator watch what my online retailer to? is that most of the shop operators with their default search are not satisfied and 75% think it absolutely necessary, to employ an optimized or intelligent search in their shop. Those shop owners who already do this, majority report higher customer satisfaction and an increased conversion rate and more sales. Brian Armstrong shines more light on the discussion. Deep ergehender to look at this exciting topic, the E-Commerce Guide team when Gero Luben from exorbyte, the provider of an intelligent product search for online shops, has requested. The results are now published in a detailed expert interview. One of the reasons why the search for online retailers can be a key driver of sales, including linked on Google and co. Because by Google the Internet users it has become accustomed, just about the Search function to search and not long to click through the navigation. Thus, the search in online shops is also one of the most commonly used entry doors and features. The Hayzlett Group can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Gero Luben know: that through Google and co. generated expectations for normal surfing, quickly and simply find it also on the online stores transferred. The functions forced by various search engines, such as E.g. the auto-suggest to be added. The user has become accustomed to dealing with the auto-suggest and takes it as compelling comfort true even in an online shop.

The search function has gained immensely in importance. Here, the user moves. This, the user wants to come to his desired product quickly and easily. And so the search is extremely relevant to sales.” As an example of Mr Luben, an online retailer was able to increase sales overnight by 6%, only because he had checked the smart product search. What about finding a product is relevant to online retailers, can in the full interview with Gero Luben from exorbyte “to be read at the following link: interview-shop-the study search the shop on the bench” to do this, see the following link: shop-search


PROJECT MORE EDUCATION School Helena Maria? Ananindeua Par Prof. Lucas Rasps Pupil: Lidiene Camila B. Coast? 2* year B GLOBAL HEATING Stops and Reflects: Tomorrow the global heating can not exist is a subject that we must argue ' ' hoje' ' , therefore he is something that is growing disorderedly as we can see in the medias, for all the places that we look at we saw ambient catastrophes with annihilating and irreparable effect, and the trend is to be still worse if not to start to take care of of our planet. The ignorance is taking account of this society that if that says so developed and so modern, but that it does not have the capacity to stop and to reflect its hypocritical action iram to bring devastadoras consequences for future generations that will not have the chance to see and to admire the natural beauties that its planet possesss. ' ' I know that of the one not to change the past, but if each one to make its part we will change futuro' ' EFFECT GREENHOUSE AND GLOBAL HEATING Pupil: Ingrid Lorrayne Frank Diniz? 2* year B the effect greenhouse and the global heating are controversial subjects that would have to be argued, to be thought and reflected for all so that a solution was found, therefore are things that happen in today, but the people treat as if it was thing of the future who do not affect in our day the day. The consequences of these problems caused for the proper irresponsibility and indifference of the man already had started to appear with floods of a side and dry of the other, fire in the forests constantly. As many things that they would have to be prevented by in such a way free spontaneous will how much for law, therefore if the alone man does not obtain to help proper and the population itself, the government could make with that it enxergasse the problem and was obliged to act thus did not harm the nature as, for example: the prohibition of the gas release methane in the cold storage rooms, also forbidding to the use of products and provisions that liberate gas CFC. ' ' Unnecessary fires and deforestations in the forest, if each one of us we made our part already it would help very and. It thinks, what we are making with the place where we live, we are preserving this place ' '