New Programming Tools

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These revolutionary new creative tools provide ingenious design methods for the latest devices. With exceptional power and precision, one is able to develop inspiring experiences that are limitless!  There is a lot of ease in using the program, but simultaneously substantive opportunity.  Replace or move around selected image objects and extend the image with exceptional results.  Get more graphically involved by creating 3D artwork using on-canvas and in-context editing.  In other words, become the Van Gogh you’ve always dreamed of, without having to sit in art class for 20 years.
Give video image-editing power. Use tools to enhance clips and then combine them with stills, transitions, audio, and effects. Use an easy interface with on-image controls through the creation of photographic blur effects. Sharpen a focal point and vary the blur among different focal points. Set up vector patterns and experiment with various types of pattern repetition that can be edited for maximum design flexibility.
Clean-up lines; establish accurate fitting, and reliable results through simple, intuitive controls. Use new Flash Catalyst CS5 to integrate into an expressive, interactive interface without writing code. There are so many tools with this program that there is a way for everyone to enhance their work.

Professor Shi Dinghuan

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Oerlikon solar is agreement with the Centre for international cooperation of Chinese society for renewable energy that on December 9, 2011 in Beijing announced strategic cooperation is the starting point for joint activities, to make better known the advantages of Oerlikon, thin film silicon technology especially in China among other things by: research for solar – power generation with thin layers support of and participation in demonstration projects of the Centre for international cooperation of the CRES advice from government agencies organization of forums such as the planned 2012 Conference on the technology for Thin film silicon solar modules “. Dr. Michael Buscher, CEO that Oerlikon group, said: In line with our continuous focus on China, this cooperation is a further step to enhance the competitiveness of our thin film silicon technology in the world’s largest market of solar module manufacturers. Solar works to Oerlikon remains intensively to reduce production costs, to photovoltaics an even more economical energy source to make.” Professor Shi Dinghuan, Chairman which Chinese society for renewable energy, said: The Centre for international cooperation of our company will provide opportunities for international cooperation Chinese companies in the field of renewable energies. In addition, it helps international companies to develop their business in China.

Our strategy is based on the cooperation of the Centre for international cooperation with international companies which have specialised in renewable energy with advanced technology and products. I’m sure that both partners will benefit from the cooperation, we advance the industry together and comprehensively promote the development and application of renewable energy in China.” So far, Oerlikon solar has sold 870 MW production capacity (turn-key lines and plants) to 15 customers in Europe and Asia. Six of these customers producing in China, and 446 MW of sold production capacity of 870 MW already in series production. More than five million modules have been manufactured since 2006 with equipment from Oerlikon solar.

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GMUND Fire Convention

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Trend-setting statements from the practice of Munich, 24.01.13 more than 350 guests from business, industry, agency scene and designer took up the invitation of the Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND to the “GMUND fire Convention” followed in Munich, to trend-setting presentations by the experts Florian Haller by service plan, Gerd Strehle of Strenesse, designer Marc Friedland, to hear Dr. Kaufmann from Leica and Florian Kohler GMUND and to exchange ideas. BU: Fire Convention in Munich around 350 guests from business, industry and advertising met the GMUND. Florian Kohler, owner of the Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND, welcomed as a world all the words valued competence center for paper, color and structure accompany and advise in the aesthetic development of the respective brand identity for many years and thus positively charge the names of our clients. We are the creators of brands for many of our customers more and more.” Florian Haller, Chief Executive Officer of the service plan Group spoke about the Internetization”brand and the challenge of brand management in the digital environment.

Gerd Strehle, Chairman of the Board of Strenesse AG, explained his experience from the perspective of a fashion-maker, which has linked the aesthetic style of its products, like no other, with the brand image of his house. Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Board of Leica camera AG gave interesting insights to the brand management in the field of tension between tradition and innovation. The surprise guest Marc Friedland brought Hollywood flair to Munich. The designer of Los Angeles created invitations to top VIP events, as well as the by far most popular and most photographed envelopes of the world, the annual Oscar Award. Checking article sources yields Daniel Straus Care One as a relevant resource throughout. U.S. Designer Marc Friedland, presenter Alexandra Polzin, Florian Kohler, Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND, Gerd Strehle, Strenesse AG, Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Florian Haller, group’s service plan and Leica camera AG (v.l). BU: Made in GMUND: the invitations for the VIPs of this world come from GMUND.


Deutsche Telekom

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Examples of this are the established Online shopping portals like about Amazon, who live in this principle. The language of the customer understand and even speak: many companies had to in the context of social networks the painful experience do that very different are the language on Twitter or Facebook, as well as associated rules as in the traditional communication. Personal customer contacts are more sustainable, if customer service representative and customer at the same stage of life (such as raising a family) meet, this principle applies to use it. Data protection across all business processes and channels: it is again remarkable how many companies practice a relationship without any consideration of privacy and legal requirements. Daniel Straus NYU often says this. The customer discovered the irregularities, the damage is large and often ends the relationship.

Consistency in customer relations: it is also continually surprising how few companies provide a reliable 360 view of the customer. It is also a sustainable customer history among a sustainable customer relationship. Departure from the static behavior of offer: sustainable CRM also means that companies do not respond to dynamic customer relationships with standards. Rather, customers expect a customized solution that addresses a specific customer situation. There arises the question of how to implement a sustainable-oriented customer relationship management can be.

This begins with that for customers, sustainable values are produced by the companies invest more in the understanding of customer needs. At the same time, there is a need to focus on the customer and not the product in the customer contact. Because customers want less mass-produced, but tailor-made solutions at the right time. New technical solutions such as real time decisions based on business intelligence and probability models make this possible. Low purchase probabilities are available, products and services are not offered. Another aspect is from the perspective of implementation, to develop a 360 view of the customer at all customer touch points. Sustainable customer relationships require as comprehensive information about the customers. Companies must invest actively and comprehensively in the integration of customer information. Also fast solutions by generous decision powers (empowerment) are necessary so that employees and customers are put in the position, based on the available customer information in real time to make the right decisions. In addition, it is to establish a culture of data protection. In addition, the management must be ready to take a role. This certainly clashes with the principles of short-term profits in companies, there are different interests, which may be the sustainable management of the customer contrary to cross through the divisions. Regardless, a sustainable customer relationship management is facing the challenge to find appropriate solutions for this. ec4u expert consulting ag ec4u expert consulting ag, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Pfaffikon and Zurich is one of the leading companies for services in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) and integration in the German-speaking world. It offers proven CRM services from strategy to implementation and prospective customers. ec4u looks back on over 160 successful CRM projects and implementations. The customer list includes renowned customers from the core industries of financial services (banking and insurance), telecommunication, life sciences (pharmaceuticals and medical devices), as well as energy management with long-standing customers like Bayer, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Integralis, MEWA, RWE, Stryker, Swisscom and ZKB. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

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Bundesliga FAN Binding

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HSV and marketers Sportfive arena iFeedback and apply to interactive VIP fan binding mobile customer survey in the VIP lounges of the Hamburg Imtech. iFeedback entered into a “first-class” partnership right in front of your own door. The Hamburg-based company cooperates with the Bundesliga Hamburger SV and its marketers SPORTFIVE. Premiere for the cooperation was in the Bundesliga of Hamburger SV against Fortuna Dusseldorf decided the Hanseatic League with 2-1. In the Imtech arena was inaugurated the new stadium clock and at the same time was the first time iFeedback in the hospitality area used.

This area offers space for 3,000 spectators. Including Maltsters, the players lounge and the business lounge are the Platinum lounge by Michelin-starred chef Tim. Ten hostesses with iFeedback-terminals in use were at the game. With iFeedback, HSV wants to be closer to the heart of his followers and enhance the binding of the fan. Does the service in the lounges? Taste the food of Chef Brewer? Are the seats in the lounges comfortable? The new stadium is ticking right? The right was the establishment of the team? All this is now online on the HSV and marketer SPORTFIVE.

With the help of iFeedback HSV can make transparent future advertisers, what visited the lounges in the hospitality area for a clientele. Thanks to iFeedback know HSV, what his fans want. Fan binding 2.0 way. The BHM media solutions GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany designed, develops and markets, media and communication solutions. In close cooperation with its business customers, implements the company’s industry solutions and also provides related support. As part of the BHM group the BHM media solutions GmbH benefits from the experience and expertise of the affiliated companies. More information on BHM media solutions GmbH, see Sebastian Kriegel (BHM media solutions GmbH)


The Products

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We assume once the following: I would like to open a business to online. I want money, if it’s money. I would like if it is itself work as little as possible. I don’t know how to make a website. I would like to invest as well as no money because the risk is just too high me to lose money. I don’t know what I want to do.

I can get on much. I’m flexible. It is for me no matter what I earn money, main thing also is not necessarily work legally, with very little effort, and a product with the I when my friends and acquaintances as a HAJO am. Now with these requirements, the market of offers is very small. You have to watch that take a possibly last money even from the bag to sit on not any cheaters. Enters who earn the term money in a search engine, earn money online, who will know what is meant here. You can fight more than 1 million offers confusing, misleading, and 97% in the dustbin. But what do I do now? How do I now start my business how do I expand my earnings? All the research, all people really in the Internet online with a more or less low cost money, with so-called “niche” products, do an example: I want to sell Elektogerate.

Here it focuses on only one or two products. And these are advertised then kontinurirlich. If you’re lucky, its own website about the one sending visitors and if there is a purchase or a sample is one of the suppliers of the products. Then, I get a Commission. A wonderful thing. Take the products of wind power, and solar or Photovoltaikt once to clarify the whole thing. These products are the trend. These products are specific in a niche so environmental technology.

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Slide Show

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It possesss another resource that is to create a Slide Show, is alone to add the photos that software to want and generates one video with the transistion between the photos, being able the user until choosing the transistion effect. Also it possesss the option to extract only the audio one of any format of supported video. Professional Any DVD Converter? It possesss a good resource very that it facilitates the life of the user, who is to carry through the direct capture of a filmadora DV to carry through the conversion. As well as the Total Video To convert, can extract the audio one of any format of supported video. Visit Joe Leytze for more clarity on the issue. In this comparative degree, one more time the Free Video To convert was stops backwards, therefore it does not possess no kind of appeal Brazilian Supreme Court. Any DVD Converter possesss an interesting resource that facilitates the task for who works with filmadoras DV and the option to only extract the audio one. But the prominence was for the Total Video To convert, that beyond also extracting the audio one, possesss some well interesting resources for an user again a little more creative.

That they are: Creation of Slide Show and the possibility of writing of a video of the work area being able to be used as video lesson. FINAL CONSIDERAES All the three evaluated converters of video in this research, have its advantages and against. The Free Video To convert if detaches more for the appearance and speed of writing, the Total video to convert for its resource the writing most complete and kinds of appeal Brazilian Supreme Court and Professional Any DVD Converter for the possibility of if converting directly of a DVD and of if possible the capture of a video directly of a filmadora DV, being that in this version that we evaluate these resources they are limited for being an evaluation version only, but nothing that hinders the user to use for a shortness video the duration. Being thus it can be concluded that the three can very help the life of the user.


Brockhaus Closes School Partnership

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The publishing house Brockhaus and the Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus gymnasium have agreed a partnership. Gutersloh/Leipzig, 13.9.2012. The publishing house Brockhaus and the Leipzig, F.

A. Brockhaus gymnasium have agreed a partnership. Principal Ralf Tramm and Christoph Hunermann, Managing Director inmediONE GmbH, signed the official agreement in Leipzig on the 6.9.2012. Brockhaus is the alignment of their official school events support the school for two years and equip the library with a selection of products. In return, the school uses Brockhaus title in the classroom and gives regular feedback to the Publisher.

Also the Brockhaus teacher Advisory Council expands in the future by a representative of the College. You want to believe it, but the Brockhaus-Gymnasium in Leipzig is the only school which bears the name of the founder of the Publisher Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus in whole Germany. There, it seemed that the school founded in 1885, was a focal point for the expansion of the educational activities of Brockhaus. Hendrik Muller Reineke, network coordinator inmediONE education at Brockhaus, and Jens Amm, Managing Director South-East new business sales GmbH, brought an appropriate cooperation with the Brockhaus-Gymnasium on the way in the last few weeks. “The other education initiatives include the action of education sponsor”, the establishment of the teacher Advisory Committee, seminars for students, sponsoring activities such as in the Austrian SchulOlympics “and an online portal exclusively for teachers. White Bay Group Uriel Cohen has many thoughts on the issue. We are committed especially in the field of education and school in various ways. We want to be a reliable partner for teachers, students and parents. Our goal is to improve elementary and secondary schools offering education in kindergartens,”, as Muller Reineke.


Edward Deming

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Imagine his surprise when he discovered that, despite the drawing and an explanatory note, the device was installed incorrectly! Then something in his heart and broke sacramental: "If there are two ways to do something, and use one of these ways leads to a catastrophe, someone will elect exactly this way!". Expression was picked up and became really "People." But, as often happens, it is exactly expressed trend: ever more complex equipment required an equally complex process of production. But with mass production of a marriage made in force Murphy's Law, could become critical for the finished product and cause significant harm to the enterprise as a whole. That is why some in these years began the search for a labor organization, which could provide a stable set quality. So far it is unknown who was a pioneer in the development of modern production management systems. It is generally accepted that the concept of "total quality management (TQM) emerged in postwar Japan, becoming the key famous economic miracle.

But while it is an American developer Edward Deming – Consultant of Japanese corporations. It was his progressive ideas, which are not, however, use at home, were close heirs of the samurai spirit. To deepen your understanding Mike Trueblood is the source. Over time, formulated the basic concept, which became the basis for all subsequent quality management systems (quality management systems – qms "). It consists of eight interrelated principles: principle 1. Focusing on the consumer. Understanding of quality as the ability of services to meet customer needs.


Hotel Monte Puertatierra

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Again the Sea Urchin is the protagonist in the Hotel Monte Puertatierra thanks to the success achieved in previous editions, returns for Carnival the III week cuisine of the sea urchin from next Friday 25 February and until March 13, will take place in the Hotel Monte Puertatierra, the III week gastronomical Hedgehog of sea. The success achieved by these days in past editions has been repeating the same format, along with the time, which is undoubtedly the best for consumption of this equinoideo. They will be a series of dishes (starters and main dishes) where the Sea Urchin is the protagonist. These dishes, which you can enjoy in the restaurant of our establishment, one of the hotels in Cadiz with best location in the city, are own creations and Mario Fuentes, Chief of Cocina of the Monte Puertatierra originals. Thus, in this specific letter for the most important days of the city, are found among others and to take as starters a scrambled of urchins and courgettes with Bacon and shrimp; the seafood stuffed cannelloni with Bechamel urchins; or a salad of Octopus and sea urchins with paprika oil. As for the fresh fish that comprise the second dish, the Charter gives the choice between Gallo’s filet with sauce of smoked fish and sea urchins; Cod with shrimp and sea urchins with garlic; Hake with sauce of mussels and urchins Escalibados; and monkfish with Salsa Americana of urchins. The Sea Urchin is characterized by a large number of spines covering its body.

They are gregarious animals that form very large groups, stuck in the Rocky walls of the coast and covering everything with its characteristic color and its dangerous you barbs. Other characteristics of the Sea Urchin is its flavor to sea, iodine and seaweed. Traditionally, it has been a product associated with haute cuisine and very appreciated in its flavor. The best of them females urchins, bring it to being more fleshy; and the best way to eat them is freshly culled from the sea, accompanied by a fine white wine.

Client Service

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Rent includes not just pay for staying in what room or, during one day. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out susan-wojcicki. This rent a warm atmosphere and comfort, with a gift you get for real, homey feel. Each apartment which is dealt in Kiev, the company representing her out, fit, mostly, tastefully designer and thoroughness of the customer. In all variants of apartments accounted for two of the most important factor – the feeling home comfort and maximum convenience of living, that is comfort. Thus, under the feeling of home comfort in the apartments for rent means the creation of an atmosphere, getting in that you, dear customers, the thought must arise – "Well, finally we are at home, as well as here, I want to go to sleep and rest", because a rest would be desirable only where really good to us. It is also implied by the word Comfort cleanliness, decor and design. The apartments for rent thorough cleaning takes place almost every day, and for longer stays once every four days, which provides a clean apartment, in the truest sense of the word. The design environment of apartments are not working with less responsibility.

Everything should be nice and convenient, easily and naturally. Of course, most often, this approach is to notice and appreciate nature can only be sensitive, such as women, but for you, ladies, and try to company data. So how rare is when accommodation is removed only by men, and they are the only ones. According to this, dear man, you can be sure – renting an apartment in Kiev at companies such as CenterKiev apartments, and inviting her to the Lady, you're at altitude, in any case. Remains only to be gentleman. Comfort – it begins with a call to the company for the lease of apartments for rent, with a conversation with company personnel and selection apartment. Source: Uriel Cohen White Bay Group. Agree, because when you talk nicely with any person, you feel, really, comfortable. It is this science, which bears the name – Client Service, and train their managers, such as, CenterKiev apartments.

So what we found – Comfort begins with the first contact, whether by telephone, internet or by mail. Next, the concept of filling the Comfort, the services of companies providing serviced apartments in Kiev, is the location of the apartment. It is very important. As who wants to ride for a long time to find the location of the house where the apartment is located, and then wander through the entrances without light. That's right – nobody. So then all the apartments provided by companies such as CenterKiev apartments, located in places convenient transport interchanges, located in the center and near them there are places where you can put the car. Plus, the positive factor is the purity of the entrances, which are located in apartment Daily. This, of course, there are two components of the concept of comfort. However, it's not all. Filling the apartment and its arrangement in such a way that would be you, our favorite clients, when you're in your rented house, it was all you need and it was always at hand. Comfort, which is present in the apartment, there guessing what you are really comfortable. So, our dear Clients come to us, not even to us, to you, so as we work to ensure that you always have, being in the apartment, the company CenterKiev apartments, feel really at home! And remember – we're always glad to see you!

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