Month: January 2014

Plucking is a problem for many women. Most end up without patience and using the blade to shave. This is an error since the blade makes hair grow stronger, thicker and darker. Also on many occasions hair scarring. This occurs because to be able to go outside the hair should break the skin that covers the follicle. On many occasions the hair can not leave, this occurs for two reasons: can be hair is very fine and does not have force, or because the skin is too hard to be able to cross it. According to UISOL, who has experience with these questions. The reaction of the hair when you can not come to the surface is to continue growing and sometimes curves and rolls up. Now, a normal hair is no longer a normal hair, is an uncomfortable entrenched hair.

When this occurs we began to despair and only think about removing it. Normally throw away with tweezers and break the skin but this only leads to infections and scars and not even solve the problem many times. What to do in these cases is staying calm, exfoliate the area and look for some alternative hair removal method that does not involve aggression to the skin. My personal recommendation: laser hair removal. This method of hair removal makes the Epilator is never more a torment and hair grow entrenched to stop and exit much finer and ultimately won’t have to shave you never more. Laser hair removal is now within the reach of all thanks to home use laser hair removal machines, it is no longer necessary to allow savings on beauty salons. Original author and source of the article


Beautiful hands – a sign of the breed, well-groomed, young and well-being. It's quite simple – take care of your hands and nails without spending a lot of money and time. Fashion for a manicure to us loyal: we can have both long and short nails. Manicure a cut and not cut (Europe). The second practical and hygienic. Minus European manicure that the cuticle becomes flat immediately, but after several treatments. And he and the other you may well do it yourself. Decide what you want a manicure, and two or three times to visit the master.

Carefully watch her work, remember the sequence, ask what tools are suitable to your nails. Get the currently good quality nail file, sharp, tonyusenkie nail clippers, orange stick to the cuticle oil to cuticles, protective, and if required, medical treatment for your type of nails. Before you start sawed nails, nail file from the leading edge to the center, give them the desired shape. Ideal – oval, or the same shape of your nail bed. Hold the nail in the bath with a teaspoon of sea salt for 15-20 minutes. Orange stick push the cuticles and gently, slowly, trim it with scissors, then brush with butter.

As for not manicure, it needs more cream to remove the cuticle. Before you throw up in the tub of this cream, apply to cuticle for 3-4 minutes. Then the same 15-20 minutes in salted water, pat hands with a napkin and apply the cream again, only this time on one hand.