Month: <span>November 2015</span>

a Maicao in sight was the title of an article published by a popular magazine of national circulation. The note refers to the special surveillance by the authorities remain on general business and allegedly illegal activities take place in the city. It is important that the authorities do their duty but is also good to remember that Maicao always been targeted by someone. In the second half of the twentieth century was the target of footloose capital, whose owners came, invested and then left without saying goodbye without generating greater benefits for maicaeros. He was also in the crosshairs of those who wanted to go to the other side of the border, when Venezuela had the attraction of having one of the strongest economies on the continent and a good currency traded against the dollar.

Today the land of corn (this is the translation of a Maicaoa in native language) is back again in the spotlight. But the expression is used as never before in a sense legality destroyed their economy without offering any alternative development change, or at least survival. It is still in the crosshairs of those who pursue fighting crime and corruption. A round of applause for them, of course. But the city justice, should also be targeted by those who can contribute to their progress. is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development.


We are all born in different circumstances, that is because the decisions we make in the past, but we are not condemned to live forever in them. We can rise above them, if not repeat the things we bring to those circumstances. As Jesus said when he cured the blind, "Go and sin no more," I personally do not like the word sin, so instead I call mistakes. We made many mistakes and those mistakes have dragged us to the conditions we now live. Fortunately, the errors can be corrected, we can correct them and prevent their effects. Not only that, we can start working to build our dreams. We have spent a long time may Hibernating without going anywhere. Studying for a good job, setting up a business to survive.

But really we are committed to our dreams? Have we tried to work for them? Dreaming does not cost anything, as the saying goes, so if cost is to make those dreams come true. Then there is a difference between thinking activity in an idea and bringing that idea to reality visible and tangible. I ask you, you are sufficiently committed your life to fight for your dreams, or prefer to be the storehouse of dreams where many are saved. If there is a warehouse used to store all the desires of each individual, I'm sure would be full of unrealized fantasies. But I for my part I will not let my dreams go down the drain, since I came to this kind of knowledge, I realized that you can achieve anything you want.


Two of his close friends, ardent supporters of the theory of Franz Joseph Gall, German anatomist, that mental abilities are reflected in the physical characteristics of the skull, they decided to steal the head of the composer, to save adequately protected from worms to which was stationed in the pit of death. Through generous tip the undertaker, four days after the death, received the head. For sensitivity, we omit the details written by one of the criminals on their crime, who also quietly assumed that there was no legal impediment to appropriate what had been abandoned. Nothing important consideration emerged from the skull, or their content. Joseph Carl Rosenbaum, a former secretary of the prince, took the skull and made a small monument at home … to teach it to friends. It is reported that eleven years later, to reopen the tomb of Haydn found the body and wig, but without the head. I can not give the police with the notable relic because the skull had been hidden by Mrs.

Rosenbaum, under his mattress. After several adventures, the skull was finally at the hands of Professor Carl von Rokitansky, who put it in the anatomical museum of the University of Vienna. Finely, in 1954, 145 years after his death, the real Haydn’s skull was placed beside his body in his grave in the city of Eisenstadt, which reads: Doctor of Oxford. Devout, honest and peaceful. Master the art of enchantment of the heart.