Month: <span>March 2016</span>

Increasingly we can see how organizations need a more integrated and consistent communications. The new advertising media, new uses of conventional media, new technologies and the great need for companies to communicate with their audiences have consistently made this concept of communication 360 the cornerstone of different communication strategies that lead to out most of the organizations. The need for direct communication and integrated is more palpable than ever in these times of information society in which consumers are increasingly prepared, have more options and looking for products that satisfy their needs effectively. When we’re talking 360 communication to join all efforts by companies to communicate with their audiences in all areas gives us the panorama of today’s communication, either through conventional advertising, interactive or online advertising. Campaigns communication to be carried out must be orchestrated in unison, serving as support to each other and positioned our company in a clear in the minds of consumers. There are many ways in which we can reach our target and to a large extent, the image of our company have much to do with how we use different communication tools to deliver our message. In today’s society is not sufficient as some years ago to conduct a good communication of what we sell and where consumers can find it at present should communicate what we sell, where we sell, how and where we produce, under what conditions , how we distribute it, who are your customer, satisfy needs, both physical and psychological.

All these questions make the concept of communication 360 on something fundamental in building a great brand in today’s markets, increasingly globalized and internationalized and open to a wide range of consumers with distinct cultures which are moved by motives and needs of very different nature. Thanks to technological advances experienced in the field of strategic communication, diversity of media at our disposal and the consideration of creativity as an asset within organizations have developed numerous advertising techniques such as online advertising, advertising mobile, which is currently in the process of expansion, gaining ground every day and showing the great qualities as a technique that provides advertising, search engine optimization, Google Adwords program, which allows SMEs with limited resources to make communication efficient online advertising campaigns with a budget based on the minimum cost per click, sponsors increasingly unlikely or the production of short films by specific brands for the sole purpose of enhancing their brand image in the marking. Another communication tool important today are the Blogs. We can see how big multinationals create corporate blogs where they have informed their customers of all the latest offers, promotions … by establishing a channel of direct communication with public and being closer to these through the network. Obviously the trend is to grow, to move from conventional advertising agency for interactive where all departments are fully integrated and provide their customers, once and for all services consolidated, integrated advertising and communications. It is becoming more noticeable as the large agencies of our country are becoming aware of this phenomenon and are creating and integrating specialized departments in their offices on the latest trends in the advertising landscape as Coolhunters experts in viral marketing, online advertising, search engine optimization … I sincerely believe that Carl Laemmle of Universal Pictures was deeply wrong when he said back in 1931 “believe me, try to get the public to swallow advertising and overwhelm your eyes and ears with it will cause a rejection that eventually compromise their business.


Unfortunately, I also know these three things together can not guarantee the security of my job. Maybe you can relate to my situation. If so, you may wonder what you can do to improve your future. Here are three simple things you can start doing immediately. Be thankful for home-business industry! It’s amazing in our time of change to have an industry dedicated to the people and their desire to take control of their finance and become his own boss.

It’s a blessing to have access to a tool as powerful as the Internet. If it were not for the home-based business industry, ordinary people would have no opportunity to go beyond the monotony of subordinate employment ungrateful. This may seem simplistic, but just to be grateful for this industry and open-minded approach it with enthusiasm, you’ll find your niche and maximize its potential. Be relentless. Means to be relentless in not giving up what you want to accomplish in life. Building your online business means work. There is no place for laziness in this business, and a negative attitude will crush you, even before you start. It is also important to keep the skepticism of others slower.

Not everyone will believe you can succeed with network marketing companies, and that’s fine. Maybe your spouse or partner is frustrated with you because they spend so many hours of delay on your computer goes further. Trust me, I can interact with it. The bottom line is, if something is important to you, then you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Networking. Networking is one thing you should do if you get your business on the radar! You can do that by joining online forums such as Forum and Network Marketing Network Marketing forums. Contacts are people you go to if you do not understand something and to help you! Often, business owners suffer when we think we can manage every aspect of our business by ourselves. When setting your contacts, make sure that these people share their experiences with you and they are practicing what we preach! The experience is one of the best teachers and is more valuable than reading an electronic book on how to do something! Internet experts like Moses Pageswirl Dan and Jon Olson of Hit Exchange News provide their subscribers with their home phone numbers. That’s great because you can call home if you have a question. It is better to hear someone’s voice instead of communicating via email. Or you can work for someone else or you can work for yourself. The second option is better than the first, especially if you like to do things his way. When working for a corporate employer, you must follow the policy of employment at all times. The conflict arises when the rules do not match policy rules and is in danger of losing his job faster than expected. If you can relate to this scenario, then a home business if for you. Of course, the decision to work by itself leads to the biggest obstacle of all … .. take the initiative.