Month: <span>January 2019</span>

The POS solution with integrated ePayment in cooperation with the payment solutions for stadiums, arenas and amusement parks solution AG has specialised payment the provider of POS solutions for hospitality, leisure and retail, TCPOS, the newly opened ratiopharm arena Ulm/Neu-Ulm with a built-in ePayment – and equipped cash register solution. A total of 40 POS systems are combined with the card solution and the cashless payment system of the Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm in the usage. TCPOS’s new checkout system and the new system of payment of payment solution at the start were at the Grand opening ceremony of ratiopharm arena on December 9, 2011. Purchases at the kiosks of the ratiopharm arena are now exclusively with the new ratiopharm arena card or with the SWU SchwabenCard possible. To read more click here: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Contactless paying via RFID chip on a card reader speeds up the payment process and shortens the waiting time at the sales kiosks. The operating company of the ratiopharm arena had together with Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm deliberately for the compound solution by Payment system of the goalgetter AG and cash register system by TCPOS decided. TCPOS has extensive experience in stages and is in more than ten stadiums in use. The total solution convinced through their intuitive user guidance and the fast cashier operations even in high traffic.

Through the close cooperation of TCPOS with payment solution, also connecting the card solution without fuss was realized in the shortest time. Connecting the card solution from payment solution, it is possible to pay with the customer card of the local Stadtwerke in Ulm/Neu-Ulm ratiopharm arena. All owners of new SWU SchwabenCard have the possibility of on-site to charge your card and to use to pay the kiosks”, as Richard King head of marketing / public relations of the ratiopharm arena. We are pleased that we could provide another Stadium in cooperation with payment solution with the ratiopharm arena with our POS solution and a modern payment system”, says Dirk Saleh, Managing Director of TCPOS. A great advantage of our joint solution lies in the efficient and quick procedures and in the future-oriented technology of the systems.