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Chemistry – one of the basic sciences. Not for nothing, a famous scientist said that if mankind would be given the option to continue the study of only three sciences, then it certainly would have been physics, history and chemistry. Now there is a number of problems associated with studying chemistry in school. A huge number of today's students think chemistry of the most complex object in the entire school program. Of course, this is due to misunderstanding of the discipline, because, as Typically, students do not like the one subject in which they are very weakly or not at all understand.

This also applies to chemistry, and (of course, can be attributed here and a number of school subjects, but discussed in this article primarily on the chemistry). Pemco shines more light on the discussion. Let's try to sort out this problem. Why is chemistry so hard to digest students? Quite simply, this is due to the fact that our brain works very poorly with abstraction as opposed to specific images. Compare imagine his chemical flask and try to imagine an approximation. Here, there and then it is, the chemical flask is a concrete visual image that immediately pops up in your mind, but an approximation can not be characterized any particular way, or object, because it is an abstract concept. Same thing happens with students, it's not for nothing practical classes in chemistry, are always easier to theoretical, because the students are much easier work with illustrative examples from chemical glassware, chemicals and substances. The student, when he hears an unfamiliar chemical term, whether it's the name of the reagent, or some chemical theory, can not imagine a what is at stake and therefore there are problems associated with both said teachers with a smattering or no knowledge of the subject.

There is a way, students need more pictorial and video data in chemistry. Often in the textbooks written on the substance, that it such a color with a characteristic odor. I think you would be very interested to know what this smells like "typical" odors. Of course, if the reader is a chemist and worked with this substance, then no problems, he immediately appeared in my mind the image of this compound. But the students informed of this submission does not, after all chemicals with a 'typical' overwhelming smell majority. If students show more chemical experiments, as in living in a school or another laboratory, and show video on the chemistry, the chemical images obtained with this approach to learning deeper zasyadut consciousness of the student, which will undoubtedly facilitate further study of chemistry.