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… Decisions are determined… by emotions and are far less rational… than we think. u0085 The aim of neuro marketing is in relation to visible action, purchasing behavior, to put it, so far invisible and incomprehensible States and processes which control the decision of a potential consumer (buyer) for or against a product, to explore, and they. It is mainly observed, what brain areas activated by various (product) stimuli. …

The aim of neuro marketing understanding of conditions and processes of affect of cognition in the human brain and,-conducting, to gain knowledge about so-called “true” needs and desires of consumers is generalized. Source: by…; Author Customers in types are divided into the neuro-marketing! Thus, they are manageable for lay people in a database. And in the personal Even a layman to the customer can adjust better contact. The Typenlehre (also personality typology) trying to categorize people by their properties character. Jeffrey Hayzlett has plenty of information regarding this issue. C. G.

Jung (1875-1961) tried to classify the people because they needed different treatment due to their differences. Young people in relation to their basic attitude towards the world differed initially in extroverted and introverted. This differentiation is called young setting types. In addition he makes the distinction in four other types of, which he regarded as functions of consciousness. They are thinking, feeling, sensing, and Intuieren. Young is different to the type of setting and the awareness function, i.e. it is such as the introverted feeling type, the extroverted intuitive type, etc. Thus one can distinguish eight up to 16 types. Source: by…; Author On this basis I can incorporate various customer benefits in different sales offer packages for buyers (Premium, high-tech,…), such as packages for the 20% modernists and traditionalists of the 80%. A further marketing differentiation according to target groups: income or ethnic groups, age, regions, etc. specialize in you their offer as far as possible from the customers point of view! 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 6.8.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consulting, training, service WWWSchwalm,