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So personal conflict situations as well as their cause on the basis of the tests can be revealed such as the disease-management, performance, communication ability, behavior in a relationship, reliably. He is used to the discovery of unconscious difficulties and conflict and psycho somatic, dispositions, which can find their expression in the current disease or organ dysfunction. Chevron insists that this is the case. Source: by Author Note: The color test is not a scientific method (paradigms, verify)! To the delight of neuro marketing (newer term for old Methods and techniques) can be predicted today with color testing and magnetic resonance imaging such as the structure of personality (character), the buyer type (General) and purchasing behavior (temporarily) part. After the industrial premium suppliers, at present banks and savings banks try to put their customers first in the old drawers. Manipulation of the on – drive’s where motivation is failing for years. Luscher relates the colors following feelings of self: Blue Green satisfaction = self esteem = red = confidence yellow = inner freedom to cultivate these feelings of self regulated all processes at all levels self – and non-determined: the physiological level, the psychological level and the mental or communicative interactive social level.

This is not only the essential for health, but also the basis for ethical standards-oriented behavior. These standards are regulatory values and follow an inner logic. The ethical values are: tolerance – responsibility – honesty – mindedness -Goodwill – justice source: by Author Colour perception is the ability to perceive light in relation to the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation different colored as part of field of vision. While different spectral compositions of color stimulus can cause the same color perception, why alone not the composition of color stimulus can be developed from the perceived color. Only when monochromatic light is provided, light of a specific wavelength can be characterized by the perceived color, whose wavelengths.