Autumn Costa Landscaping Gardens

I live in an area of beaches with fine white sands, so the main floor all the gardens of the Ciudad de la Costa, where I live, is based on the sandy soil poor in nutrients, it also does not hold moisture, but it worked properly produce a wide variety of plants and flowers in any season. So it is amazing how nature itself has shown us as the sand literally upholstered with lush vegetation. (You can see that in a recent post on my website, I would love to see.) That is the nature teaches us how to recycle and how to convert plant waste into nutrients many with the help of many naturally occurring microorganisms. So a task that we can never neglect the production of compost and least in autumn, where one also can use a lot of grass to be cut to cover the base of many shrubs to protect their roots from the first frost to come. Of course it is true that most lush gardens have covered its beaches with a thin layer of soil brought from areas prepared further away, but every year should be improved, and autumn is a good time to do so, for example within the range of grass little summer begins to fade or wither, to prevent the image from our garden are damaged, we can implement a very economically and the replanting of a variety resistant to cold, and we must leveling, Receive, and pay the layer of soil before replanting. Many plants flower in autumn, and many deciduous trees, getting ready to drop their leaves but not before giving us their red and yellow tones that make this season as the choice for romance because of the pastels that appreciate especially in light pastel sunsets. Fall is a beautiful season to continue to enjoy our gardens. I invite you to know my website and see a home video where they show how the vegetation mat naturally huge sand dunes on the coast where I live, and the great variety of plants and flowers adapted to our soil and climate that artisanal producers neighborhood fairs offered at very low prices.. For assistance, try visiting Chevron U.S.A. Inc.