Coordination Project

In such a way, the Project considers to promote integrated actions interdisciplinarnente, with shared responsibilities to become E.E. ' ' Rousset&#039 professor; ' a reference in the area of sustainable ambient management. Its spreading will serve for the implantation of similar projects, in public and private units, beyond enabling the pupils to act as multiplying of this experience. This is factor motivador of this Project, under Coordination of Professor Anderson Tavares Alves, that if makes use to implement the process of ambient awareness, that will have to involve all the protagonists of the school, in all the performance levels. A project that it searchs to locate, to identify, to monitor and to divulge all the existing vegetal species in the pertaining to school perimeter. The participation of the pupils is of extreme importance in the elaboration, implantation and conclusion of the related Project. The formation of citizens compromised to its paper in the society is basic for change of sustainable practical behaviors related to the construction of efficient, that propitiate quality of interplanetary life better. 8 – Objectives: General objective: To spread out socioambientais values, consequentemente to awake the attention for the existing flora in the State School ' ' Rousset&#039 professor; ' , by means of theoretical actions and you practise interdisciplinares that they make possible the change of behaviors and the acquisition of ambiently correct attitudes in its daily one. Specific objectives: – To characterize the existing flora in the pertaining to school environment; – To sensetize the pertaining to school community on the importance of the existing flora in the Institution in wants acts; – To create a responsible managing nucleus for the coordination of the actions, monitoramento and evaluation of results, periodic alternation, integrated for representatives of the users; – To divulge, to support and to fiscalize the deriving projects of sustainable management of the public sector, private initiative and organized civil society; – To understand, to monitor and to reduce adequate the final destination of the generated residues, for reutilizao and/or recycling.