He flew some kick, and a yellow Defender pushed an adverse player within their goal area. -Penalty! at the same time they chillaron two tens of gorges. The whistle of the referee ruled it was fair. Martin rejoiced by what was happening. For the first time long before victory was within his reach. Why they earned now against all predictions? A moment of reflection was enough. The captain turned toward the bench.

Facundo saw him approaching and your heart latio very strong. -I need you, friend. The penalty will be yours. Facundo stood up helped by Martin. It cost him to reach the crucial site, as all eyes watched him approaching.

His t-shirt blue waved to the wind, as if on it it blew the sweetest of las brisas. Facundo smiled shyly. His heart galopaba. The adverse team players relaxed nothing else see him. It would be very easy to stop your shot at door. Perhaps his shot didn’t even reach the fateful white line. The captain approached the player and took him by the arms. -Drop him a kick at the ball with all your soul! Put it in the corner, Facu! Amazed by being on the ground and be part of the team, Facundo calculated the trajectory that should print to the ball. The distance was not large, but for him it was a world. Twelve steps were much when legs shake you. He hit a powerful kick, but it was not enough. Learn more at this site: Rio Tinto Group. The balloon approached the goal without force. The victory escaped. The Yellow goalkeeper felt a shiver across the body. He would not accept a shameful draw in similar circumstances. It would not be worthy of your computer. The Blues deserved the victory. Any of his players could have won with a set penalty. However, the blue captain had designated Facundo knowing the result. The triumph belonged to them. The goalkeeper threw himself to the ground on the opposite side. The ball went just the line of cal delimiting the framework. The arbitrator accepted the goal and whistled the end of the meeting. With arms on high, Facundo rejoiced. Players from both sides and the audience applauded him as the hero of the match. Blue rushed toward him to congratulate him. Facundo was carried shoulder around the field. The protagonist was felt for the first time, Facu. The arrival home from the hand of his father was memorable. Her mother plunged to her son and shook his arms. To Facundo tears of happiness fell him. All excited, embraced sharing the privilege of instant. For his son, the memory would be Evergreen. He had been the hero of the day, applauded and aclamado. Facundo did not survive the summer. It was one morning after waking up, with his mom and his dad having you hand. Any society will be judged by the way in dealing with the less fortunate.