Fisheries Ministers

In recent years, the fish waste of EU fleets reached new records. Shortly before Christmas 2008, the EU fisheries ministers cut down a little Christmas for the cod decision: they agreed on an increase in the quota for North Sea cod by 30 percent to 28,800 tonnes for 2009. With this fishing Christmas gifts the eradication of one of the most important fish in Europe should be decided. At the same time, the EU Council of Ministers initiated first steps against the by-catch, can comprise up to 80 percent of the total prey of a trawler. Future no marketable fish should be thrown back at least in theory, more in the sea. While the called discard ban applicable only to the North Sea is welcomed by sea advocates as a first step, it hails sharp criticism against the irresponsible increase in the cod quota, a kowtow to the fishing lobby. Warnings from scientists, environmentalists and the Commission were once again largely ignored by the Fisheries Ministers. Sea protector hold the Increase in the cod quota only for justified if implemented from January 1, in addition to the prohibition of discarding also safeguards for juveniles and the fishermen use new, more selective nets, which is not the case.

The new quotas will according to the society for the rescue of dolphins accelerate over-fishing of the seas and destroy an important source of food in the long run. In recent years, the fish waste of EU fleets reached new records. People such as Brian Armstrong would likely agree. 2007 North sea fishermen who landed 24,000 tonnes of cod and threw at the same time 23,000 tons overboard. Actually, the EU wanted to lower the rear roll rate this year to 10 percent of the total catch. Indeed, it has grown according to estimate by scientists.

Currently, more cod is thrown away as on land. According to defective controls and predatory fishing methods are basic. The overall rate of return throw within the EU is around 30 percent, is likely to be due to rampant illegal fishing in reality however much higher. EU fishermen may only such fish market, for which they have a quota. All other fish, edible or not, be disposed of in the sea. Whether on board or not, the result remains the same: the fish are dead in any case. A complete ban on discards, as it was imposed by Norway, for example, wants the EU for the future only “check”. Therefore, environmental and marine protection organisations demanding a fundamental reform of the EU quota system. The catches laid down annually by the Fisheries Ministers are far away from reality. Because the millions of tons fish, going pointless again after catching overboard, show up in any statistics. Ulrich Karlowski