International Monetary Fund

The United States need to China for two simple reasons: China now makes the difference in the world after the financial crisis, and the most important thing is that China’s fundamental interests are aligned with the United States. It is obvious that China can make a difference in the world of today and tomorrow. China is the leading exporter of goods manufactured in addition is Chinese leader in the generation of clean energy. He currently presents a sudden appreciation of its currency against inevitably inflation of export to the rest of the world. China has the largest global reserves of foreign currency, far enough as to the prices of shares in New York buy or sell basadosa actions in the T-Bond yield curve. Halfway towards industrialization, China has become one of the biggest emitters of the gases that cause global warming and the greenhouse effect. Shaw Father has firm opinions on the matter. Very understandable, since he has followed the path of growth in the West.

If China could find a new approach in the modernization would find the key to the success of the mitigation of global warming and the effects of climate change. Last but not least, the developing countries, including those in Africa, are watching carefully what China is doing. If China can succeed in achieving a balanced, sustainable and green growth, many other emerging economies will follow this example. Does this mean that the United States and West have lost their dominant position in the world? No, at all! The West as the United States and Europe continues to enjoy the highest standards of living and better school performance, still possesses the technologies most important and relevant in the world, either military or ecological, and still maintains, by far the most formidable military power. Perhaps, it is that West was not only the constructor, but also the engine more skilled in the creation of the international institutions acting throughout the planet as the Nations United (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank World (BM) and the G-20.