Japanese Business Culture Undertake

For some time, I met a Japanese businessman, who told me about the work culture in their country. He spoke of the great differences that exist in Latin American countries and Japan. For example, in Latin America there are many students who work for employees, but not to be entrepreneurs. In Japan, they teach their students to become entrepreneurs, implicitly providing the skills to become good employees, a situation that is not the reverse, as a good employer, will work in a business-minded company, providing creative actions, entrepreneurial, change and trying to learn to start your own business, however an employee, work always subject to the orders of their superiors, dedicated to doing what you sent. It has developed a culture of entrepreneur. Japan is a very small country, but has 124 million inhabitants. There were the result of the ten largest banks in the world, have the education index and the world’s highest longevity, has the lowest crime rates in the world and its gross domestic product equivalent to that of Germany, France and England together. How far should this productivity?.

This is because a great story, full of tradition, which provides several “tips” that should be taken by countries that now suffer poverty, migration, crime, hunger and marginalization. There are four major differences between a Japanese and a Latin American: 1 .- Education. In Latin America, education is based on the knowledge and instructions. Rod Brooks may find this interesting as well. Parents are more concerned about the real skills training for students. What values are inculcated in the schools?