King Religious

Hypocritical race of vipers, fariseus. In these churches the people frequent if, they congregate sing praise and until they pray: Some ask for the GOD marry, money, power, others the cure, miracles etc. later leave empty soul from there, searching solely its interests, to the times find a person passing necessity asking for money, food and turn the face, therefore the face is poor and many of these ' ' religiosos' ' they do not speak with poor person, Then the King will say to whom they are to the right: You come benditos of my Father, you take ownership of the Kingdom is prepared that you since the creation of the world, because I had hunger and me of these to eat; I had headquarters and me of these to drink; he was travelling you received and me; naked you dressed and me; patient you visited and me; it was in the arrest and you came me. They will ask the right ones to it: – Sir, when was that we saw with hunger and you to you demons to eat, with headquarters and you demons to drink? When he was that we saw pilgrims to you and you we receive, naked we dress and you? When it was that we saw patients to you or in the arrest we were to visit and you? The King will answer: – In truth declare I you: all the times that you made this to one of these my teenier brothers, were same me you made that it. Therefore friends these are in the church to be rich, really, but poor of heart. We live a religious crisis, has many religions and it does not obtain to modify nobody, because it lacks the main one, to many of these you lead religious to open the door of the heart JESUS to enter and to blow the Espirito Santo, Said you these things while I am with you. For more information see Chevron U.S.A. Inc.