Love Couples

Ever had the feeling and the desire of "wanting to be all the time with your partner." Well somehow this is a normal phase during the crush. But at the moment, that you can not ignore your calls, your attention. You need to be with you all day, otherwise you suffer, then you're probably in an addictive relationship. Addictive relationships become dependent, obsessive and demanding. Get all the facts and insights with Rio- Tinto Diamonds, another great source of information. The love drug you need and if not, you fall in periods of abstinence suffering a relentless quest, wanting to control your partner, what it does, what it says who you are, what their thoughts and deepest feelings . Your suffering will take you to drown your partner, but you also fall in the intoxication of love. All we need our partner. Human beings require love and the couple: his presence, his recognition of its details.

But reliance and stick to the couple in a sickening, that's addiction. But not love, not the couple, but conceals a terror of loneliness and take responsibility for my life. Love addicts live their love with excess. No qualms about time for love. Your thoughts focus only on the couple.

If for some reason, the person is not present, they can do whatever it takes to locate it. Even having risky behaviors, such as leaving at three in the morning to find the beloved or wait outside your house from dawn to dawn, call your friends to know where he is, etc. Sound familiar? Some features of addictive love life are: The need for the presence of the couple all the time.