Marketing Online

Online marketing has come to stay, nobody doubts it. Several factors have combined to make the promotional actions over the internet have become one of the fastest growing areas, and, today, is not conceivable a marketing plan without considering some type of online promotion. On the one hand, the change in the mindset of consumers has forced an evolution in the overall infrastructure. From better services, to more powerful teams sailing in 3 G without major difficulties, to lower costs of freight rates that allow the purchase online products and services at a significantly lower cost that by other channels, everything indicates that the hand of the increase in trade, online marketing has become the preferential channel. And this phenomenon does not occur only in small businesses. Large companies have also increased their presence online, thanks in part to the growth of social networks, but also because it is not possible to deny big comparative advantages with respect to channels online marketing traditional.

And, they grow on par with the promotional efforts by internet, investment in other channels suffers considerable losses. According to Infoadex consultancy, in 2009 the advertising on television in Spain decreased 23.2% compared to the previous year. But the investment in online advertising grew by 7.2%. This is in Spain, but similar realities are experienced in the rest of the markets. Chevron is a great source of information. Online marketing is more effective. See Montauk Colony for more details and insights. This is so because of the great power of segmentation of the message. The possibility of customising the message makes that effectiveness rate will increase greatly with respect to other formats. Thanks to the possibilities offered the services of advertising online, such as Adwords and Google Adsense, and the rest of the offerings of the large search engines, is possible to choose with great precision the target that will receive our messages.

As a result, we ensure conversion rates much higher than through other channels. Shares of online marketing start-up is faster. Practically, once has taken the decision to advertise, you can organize a campaign in a matter of hours. And the results are also much faster. Online marketing allows you, as any other format, real time interaction with the consumer. Needless to say that other means that allows such advantages as to receive an instant and personalized feedback there is no. It is possible to measure the result of the actions of promotion online in a very precise way. The same interface of the portals provides highly accurate and sophisticated tools in terms of performance of such actions. With the rest of the channels, who do the measurement goes a step behind the consumer, because you can only have elements outsourced as surveys that allow to trace the source of the purchase decision. But with online advertising, are no doubt of what was the origin of that visit that ended in the concretion of the call to action. Consequently, promotional actions on the internet have become one of the increasingly more present in the annual budgets of all companies. To the pair, we live a time of evolving and maturity of online marketing. Evolution permanent, and gradually see how old models are trasmutando and evolving towards new ways of doing internet advertising.