Mathematics Historian

Today we know that areas of knowledge exist various, some are sciences, others not. 2.A border between Science and History Ciro Flamarion 2 Cardoso, as historian of world-wide reputation, always creates historiogrficos quarrels and debates, therefore it has produced books and articles that facilitate these quarrels. In its text ' ' Will be History a Science? ' ' , a quarrel starts that involves History, its theories and its methods, displaying of a clear form the questioning on the problem of the cientificidade of History, and pointing interesting examples as of the Mathematics, that are a science, where if it can prove everything with absolute certainty, whereas other sciences, called factual, can be counterfeited. In this context always valley to destine a more considerate look its theoretical production and to reflect the light of its conclusions. Not losing of sight the complexity of the subject, one time that the cientificidade of History is contested by many.

The intention is not here to carry through a deeper quarrel on the subject in question, this boarding has for limit the following purpose: to briefly characterize some aspects that in the perspective of the student of History, the question ' ' Will be History a science? ' ' , and to point the conclusions most current. Making comparisons between the biologist and the historian, we can observe the following one: the historian cannot predict the future, cannot explain the past, but only interpret it. does not have a decisive form to put to the test its alternative interpretations, whereas the biologist, however even so cannot foresee the evolution future and explain the passed one (he only can interpret), has certain advantages on the historian, as for example: to put the test its discoveries. However, Ciro Flamarion Cardoso shows its conclusion, ' ' To weigh of such advantages for the specialist in biological evolution, it continues being truth that does not exist comparable laws of the evolution to the laws of the Physics, accurately as it does not have laws of History.