National Congress

The most controversial points to be argued: public financing of the campaigns, district vote and vote in list. They would be thus, established criteria that would finish with the improper use them public mounts of money in the campaigns politics, preventing to a large extent the possibility of corrupes. The vote in list would be the voting in the party and not in the candidate. It is defended by many as a form to strengthen the partisan structure. The district vote would allow a bigger control on the part of the voters, in relation to its public representatives. It has a requirement of the society, for ready application of the Law of the Clean Fiche, through which honest individuals could only candidatar themselves. Until then, it was not obtained. It interests who? The release of the propaganda politics, with gratuitous access to the radio and television, with diffusion of unrealizable promises, is sorvidas by a devoid people in search of a paternalism, that supplies its necessities.

Today, unbeliever. He fits to the National Congress, to approve the necessary reform. Emendations constitutional would be necessary, objectifying to the revision of the living electoral laws. However, the only emendation carried through so far, was of the implantation of the re-election for plus a mandate, favoring the ambition of the continuity in the power. Defenders of the idea also exist to diminish the great amount of political parties, aiming at to a bigger structural control of the clubs, preventing the spraying of partisan entities, that do not possess an ideology well definite e, confuse the voter. We cannot guarantee that it would be the solution for all the problems, but I have the certainty of that it is the attempt most reasonable for a transparency bigger politics, in a country that clama for honesty and commitment with the citizenship. While the definitions demanded for the society are procrastinated, it goes if perpetuating the unreliability, the chaos of the health, the balbrdia in the education, a people orphan. Until when?