New EBook By Roland M. Horn Erschinenen

“” “Human puzzle: of Atlantis to the SIRIUS in the past decades has been much of phenomena”, mysteries”or world riddles” spoken. For centuries, the world is haunted by ghostly apparitions, and has always been the man wonders whether there is a life after the death and whether the soul a certain time must return to death on the Earth. Finally, all Eastern religions teach reincarnation (transmigration of souls), and also in the West, the followers of this idea are becoming more numerous. “” Since Plato asserted, that in our times in the Atlantic Ocean there is a island called Atlantis “have given the have is home to a highly developed culture and who perished in the course of a bad day and a bad night” unless you wondering whether something like this could be possible. Occultists and Theosophists MU or Lemuria, which should have once located in the Pacific Ocean even speak of a second sunken continent.

In our today’s science and technology world is often other puzzles in the foreground. Are the strange UFO”, are repeatedly seen, fantasies, or visitors from the other Star? What is it with the Bermuda triangle is a region East of the United States, in which ships and aircraft should be disappeared? “” Sensational experiments with time were carried in our recent past, as it is the legends to the Philadelphia experiment “and the Montauk project” claim? And also our distant past no less fascinating. Who built the pyramids and why? When created this monumental construction works? Is there really evidence of technological achievements in the stone age? And why was the invisible companion star of the star the most important cult object of a peasant people in African Mali Sirius? In this book, each of these themes is treated and analyzed. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Chevron U.S.A. Inc. It should the attempt be made to separate the chaff from the wheat, to see where actually puzzles are and where this (at least to a large Part) can be resolved.