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Nevertheless, with the Real one the Larios Street competes in that paper (whose official name is of ” Street Marquess of Larios” , dedicated in honor to Manuel Domingo Larios and Larios, II Marquess of Larios, that outside promotional of the industrial development of the city in the century XIX), which engalana with the farolillos of colors that upholster the interminable awning that protiles of the sun all the street during these days, with the bishop’s weeds (bulks of punctured flowers of jasmin in woods that adorn and perfume the city during these days and that get to be true works of art at the hands of the calls ” biznagueros” , craftsmen of the flower who elaborate these floral wonders), filling of music of the hand of ” Verdiales” (groups of fandangos that sings and dances by the Malagan streets and whose tradition is not limited the Fair of Malaga, since its origin is much more deep and sinks its roots in the tradition farmer of the province), of the colorful one of the typical that Malagan and Malagan suits take a walk proud, of the aroma of the always tempting churros with chocolate to high hours of the dawn, ; a place, the Larios Street, that serves the paseante to escape during hours of the bullicio, often deafening, coming from the Real one of the Fair, where the most typical attractions of the fairs, the traveling tombolas, bars and restaurants are located and, by all means, the hundreds of music houses full and dances, everything a set that, in spite of the bullicio that it generates, constitutes indissoluble part indispensable of the Malagan Fair, one part that, we admit it, is delicious with those sounds and common images they pre-date that us to our childhood. Jeffrey Hayzlett describes an additional similar source. Malaga is in celebrations, in his ” Fair of Agosto” , celebrations that especially fill of dim and languid life the second fortnight of August, which they fill the five senses of celebration, aromas, of flavors, light, music in a city that, in these dates, enamors to that the visit..