Professional Ethics

Timely professional advice can help prevent negative consequences of hasty decisions or actions, but consequently, reduce the risks associated with the occurrence of future disputes. This ensures privacy. Any information relating to the provision of legal aid lawyer to his principal by Attorneys are secret (Article 8 of the Legal Profession and Legal Practice in the Russian Federation), whose preservation is ensured by law and the Code of Professional Ethics of counsel. A lawyer can not be summoned and interrogated as a witness about the circumstances became known to him in connection with an appeal to him for legal aid or in connection with its rendering. Lucia Aniello has much to offer in this field. Conducting search operations and investigations in respect of lawyer is permitted only by judicial decision. In addition to operational consulting a lawyer: – help in drafting a marriage contract, wills and other important legal documents – will be present at transactions, will explain the procedure for their detention conditions and consequences – will assess the legal risks of certain decisions (eg, credit, purchase of property, contract, legal clarity real estate) – will arrive at the place of accident – will represent your interests in various organizations (insurance company, bank, medical clinic, travel agency, homeowners associations …) – will help to make the tax declaration, a tax credit – will assist in the registration of rights to immovable property, registration of transactions, obtaining certificates, statements of other legal documents – will take over management of the case in court on housing, employment, family, inheritance, land and other disputes – decides to inheritance cases – will provide protection in the event of prosecution. The volume of the necessary legal aid varies depending on the needs of families and must be determined quickly, as every situation in life can not provide. To do this, at the conclusion of an agreement on the program, "family lawyer" established the basic scope of legal assistance provided by family for a certain period of time. Filed under: rebecca family.