Professional Practices

Business internships are periods in which the student is facing business life, where must demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired in recent years. Part of the challenge lies in finding an excellent company that you of the possibility of a successful career. To do this enter a company recognized for its excellent work and its human resources, will be essential to take on challenges of high competitiveness. Maria Cristina Euchner Hinds, Director of talent management in Bavaria, which ranks third in the Enterprise Monitor corporate reputation in 2011, ensures that his experience has shown that professional practices helps them focus on what they really want to play, in their future careers and landing them against their expectations of the labour market. Companies are the stage where the student will demonstrate its capacity for development and the possibility to take the opportunity to learn, to project themselves professionally and show his human quality with the co-workers and bosses.Ecopetrol, who led the list, convenes its practitioners through its web site, where students, with prior authorization from your school, entering your resume to be selected as interns during the six months period of business practice.Candidates compete for the positions and the best reach them.For Claudia Rincon, leader of selection of the unit of attraction and retention in Ecopetrol, the intern has the opportunity to learn about work and all topics inherent to their work, to interact with the best specialists in drilling and exploration, as well as being in a refinery and know how is the process in real life.The reason for seeking the best talent is to ensure the quality of their work and continue projecting as such like its human resource. For them, is a great opportunity to get involved in the business and look for new directions through the experience.Advantages of starting practice Professional in an excellent company:-learn from the best professionals in the country. -Know work areas that you may be interested and begin working to fulfill their career goals. -Starting the professional life with a good record in the resume.

It is likely to be a more effective way for a subsequent employment. -Demonstrate himself, the Faculty and the company that boasts a competitive profile. -Make more advantages in your professional profile that those who have not part of these companies. -Know multinational companies that make up the Guild-competitive social groups in the area of work that interests you-do meet the labour market’s economic sector that you like-open an employment opportunities abroad and a good salary. So it is not only important to perform professional practices and have a good performance, but also know how to choose the company where go to perform the same since this will give you a good image to our resume.