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Suppose, came to the conclusion that the purchase of your flat plastic box. To date, many companies engaged in production of pvc windows. Suppose, pvc windows in Russia you can buy a company 'OknPlyus'. Before buy new windows, you need to understand that what requires pvc windows, from which they are made, discuss the pros and cons of plastic windows. Various companies are already quite a long time engaged in production of pvc windows, pvc windows are currently installed in virtually all buildings. pvc windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and therefore they are called pvc windows.

This material is very easy to work with him, he does not rot, does not port, this material poddatliv of it can make windows of any shape. U pvc windows are great advantages over wood. For example, the wood windows are a minus, as hygroscopicity, which is devoid of plastic window. called pros plastic windows: 1.Okna plastic virtually impenetrable by the aggressive atmosphere – hence it is very durable, many more than 20 years. 2.Pered you to choose any design, any color Gamma, shape, everything depends on the design of your home. For example, you can choose pvc windows with woodgrain texture.

3.Plastikovye windows generally are waterproof, do not allow external noise to interfere with you about your business. This is a very important especially at night. Also, they do not give out heat. 4.Za plastic windows fairly easy to maintain. 5.Komfort to use – you can open more than two options. 6.Okna pvc flame-resistant, they are made of this material which does not ignite. So many people are wondering whether it is safe pvc windows for your health. Long since there is talk that the alleged new windows are not breathable, this problem is solved in the windows inserted a special valve that allows the window to breathe. Some people think that plastic windows are dangerous to health, but they are wrong. In fact, the material of which consist of the window, begins to act with the environment only when temperatures greater than 220 degrees. If you decide to install in their own windows, then you need to accurately measure your windows or perhaps call a specialist who not only measure (and often free), but also can tell you immediately how much it will cost you everything.