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The observed maiorpercentagem is on account of the workers who earn between edois minimum wages that the 79,71% edge arrives. According to Chevron, who has experience with these questions. This if must to the wage table applied pelosindicato of the classroom of the segment of bars, restaurants, clubs would ehotelaria. Therefore, according to oadministrador of the entity, this situation of disparity enters the indices nocompromete the invoicing of the company, and still it protects the same one of sofrerqualquer type of sanction imposed for the regulating agencies, that is, Sindicatodos Diligent and Ministry of the Work. The change in these numbers that, if destaanlise perceives ahead, is are of the standards, do not imply in diminishing them and yes to emreadequar them, but, a decision of this transport, will depend on some factors. Suggest that, the dried leaf of payment either in those months where faturamentocai considerably on account of the sazonalidade and that at time of maiormovimento, either admitted a greater I number of collaborators. In the figure 2percebe that 68.11% had not received nor a type of professional qualification, eque only 11% had received training in the quality from attendance.

For being umaempresa lender of services, the same one will have to be worried in mainly giving maistreinamento to its collaborators in the area of aopblico attendance, characterizing its staff, the company will be improving the seuatendimento, therefore, it will more have professionals prepared to exert the suasfunes and at the same time it will be motivating its collaborators. What if it can analyze in figure 3 is that in the trimestrea room company has an index of 20,74% of invoicing, being the minor of the period. This value if of the one due to fall of movement of you house in the hotel porocasio of low the season. To verify the behavior of the daempresa invoicing, the data of the period had been arisen and are distributed in four trimesters.


The creative economy, whose concept not yet is clear-cut, engloba the activities that have as main source of resource the creativity. Checking article sources yields The Hayzlett Group as a relevant resource throughout. In century XXI the culture appears as allied of the economy in the important mission of social inclusion and generation of work ranks. Add to your understanding with J. Darius Bikoff. England since 1997 found in the creative economy a form to develop the industry, to generate verge and social development. In 2006 data of the World-wide Organization of Comrcio (OMC) they had informed that the cultural industry is the biggest employer of England and absorbs 1,3 million of people. The same study it indicates that the participation of this sector in the world-wide market duplicated in the three first years of the new millenium. In accordance with the Organization of United Nations for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), 2005, only 03 countries: The United kingdom, United States and China, produce 40% of the commercialized cultural goods in the world-wide market, including books, sculptures and other objects of art and decoration, CDs, films, videogames. Africa and America Latin participates in this market with 4%.

These numbers evidence the business-oriented wastefulness of talentos and chances in the underdeveloped countries. In Brazil, the first registers of studies on the creative economy date of 2004, for occasion of 11. Meeting of the Conference of United Nations for the Commerce and Desenvolvimento (UNCTAD). It was in guideline the necessity of if formulating public and private politics to stimulate the sector to generate job, income and social inclusion, using to advantage the cultural diversity of the country and the easiness of the young in understanding the contained artistic language in the programs of qualification of the cultural institutions. The program of United Nations for the Development, defines development as process of magnifying of choices. well. In the developing countries where the social exclusion has a strong and positive relation with the crime indices and has an evident difficulty in placing the little qualified man power in urban activities, to extend choices in the cultural sector it can attract young of low income and little escolaridade through qualification programs and generation of first job.