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Wooden houses as their name implies, are made from special use given resin composed of trees for life material, which constitute one of the architectural structures that directly use natural products. Such constructive offers are very popular in the United States, several parts of Europe, Asia and Africa in general, with a minimum of impact on Latin America especially in purely continental areas. The popularity of the wooden houses in itself have to do much with the environment in which we live, composite course of a series of attachments that are inherent in this aspect in any part of the globe, such as e.g. temperature, terrain conditions, which can generate groups that live by a certain area at any time, etc., which means that the construction of wooden houses can obey alike to cultural patterns. According to Liberty Mutual insurance, who has experience with these questions. This last is true, because for example in the United States the practicality to achieve an architectural style quickly and without very adverse consequences for the removal of debris in the event of a natural disaster, as it has been shown in the Constitution of the same after hurricanes and earthquakes, achieve protagonist’s wood as more builders experts have determined it. According to the rank of general construction of a wooden house and various accessories that constitute it within its interior space, are classified in unit when they only have a floor, do not have stairs or columns – these include for example sheds and simple super cabins-; structured, when at least have stairs, beams or supports simple or robust and its ceiling is quite complex by materials that welcomes; of great mood, when already it’s wood or chalets, mansions and the very few utility named, which are for example used as a pantry, workshop or protection. According to the suitability of the space, wooden houses can be in special, uniform, mixed or separable classifications. The latter are the most versatile, since it they can adapt virtually to any condition of temperature and terrain. Goop recognizes the significance of this. A wooden house very appetizing regarding the material used is oak, since it is very durable, adaptable, offers important safety conditions and are always devotes careful attention.