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The origins of El Vedado as residential neighborhood can be traced in 1858 when the Havana City Council approved the parcelization of the finca El Carmelo. It was owned by Domingo Trillo and Juan Espino and stretched, from the now Street walk, to the Almendares River, between what is now 21 St Street and the coastline. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Leo Schachter Diamonds. Shortly afterwards, the Earl of wells Dulce, famous Economist and publicist, and her sisters, obtained authorization for his El Vedado estate that occupied the space between G and 9 and the limits of El Carmelo for tents. Over time, the area encompassing those deals would be known as El Vedado. The first scribe Street was line, so named because for her it was circulating the tram pulled by horses until this means of locomotion was replaced by the famous among the habaneros cockroach, the first passenger vehicle not animal traction that took the city and that came out of the corner of Prado and San Lazaro, in the limits of the old city, and reached El Carmelo. Typewriter of steam which, in 1900, would be replaced in turn by the electric tram.

The development of the neighborhood was not at the speed that is wanted, because instability in the country caused by the wars of independence people investor contained desire and few were those who built around here. Note If so that in 1880, there were just 20 houses in what we today consider the Vedado and all were located in the Causeway Street and the street line. A fact had a great significance that will start to motivate the constructive mood of wealthy sectors of Havana. The proximity of the Sea made the neighborhood charged relevance. The line of the coast from up to 6 G, established, from 1864, several resorts. Street was popularly named after baths because he wore to the toilet bowl of the balneario El Progreso.