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Although still it is an emergent activity in Brazil, the recycling already occupies an important part of raw materials of some Brazilian industrial segments, following a world-wide trend that combines reduction of costs, rationalization in the energy use and moderation of the antrpicas pressures of the economic activities. The extreme growth of the residues of the productive activities and the families, and the increasing decurrent ambient degradation of them had generated an ample concern with the treatment and the forms of use to prevent a simple deposit in the nature. As result, new technologies had been developed and spread out processes and mechanisms of reaproveitamento and recycling that reduce the impacts and improve the performance of the companies. Currently, as it designates I castrate et al. (1998), the importance of the company to work inside of the acceptable standards of ambient security determined by certifications ambient, it consists of the recognition of that the people more are worried in protecting the life in the planet and this behavior if she translates the action in shelves of store and supermarkets, in way that opts to considered products ' ' ambiently saudveis' ' rejects those that do not offer this guarantee. The concept of Environment clearly was placed by the Federal Law n 6,938, of 31 of August of 1981 that it regulates the National Politics of Environment: ' ' it is the set of conditions, laws, you influence and interactions of physical, chemical and biological order, that allows to shelter and conducts the life in all its formas' ' (SEBRAE, 1998). This same Law, in its article 9 foresees some instruments of action of the government and between them it can be detached the establishment and standards of ambient quality and the evaluation of ambient impacts. For the SEBRAE (1998) incompatibility does not exist some between an income-producing enterprise and the ambient management.


These actions have the objective to minimize osimpactos of its activities, to promote socioambiental an performance responsible eainda to generate a less degradante image for the respective marks. 3 METHODOLOGY Initially, was carried through a bibliographical research sobreMarketing, Ambient Marketing and Social Marketing, in books technician and sitesque approaches the subject. This research allowed the deepening of the subject, to fazendoemergir varied points of view happened of the different analyzed authors, oque was sufficiently enriquecedor for the work. At as a moment, from the bibliogrficaprimria analysis, it was made one it searches focada in the socioambientais actions implementadaspelas companies Vale and Gerdau in Baron of Cocais, searching to know the implemented ambient trabalhosocial and in the city. For this, publications, reports, periodic had been analyzed and sites of the companies in question, where these detail the seuenvolvimento with the communities where it acts, including of Baron of Cocais, bemcomo the actions carried through in favor of the environment and of the social matters quepautam the responsible performance of both in the city.

4 CASE STUDY VALLEY AND GERDAU: PERFORMANCE IN BARON OF 4,1 COCAIS AHistria of the Valley Throughout more than the 60 years of its history, estamineradora of headquartered global performance in Brazil, passed for profundastransformaes. Created in 1942 for the Brazilian government as Company doRio Valley Candy, was privatized in 1997 after to be acquired by trust CSN – National Siderurgical Company and became Valley in 2007, after the launching deuma new mark that came to celebrate all its conquests they transformaesem global scope. The Valley acts in the five continents, with operations, commercial pesquisamineral and offices, and has deseus China as main consumer products, being they: ore of iron, pellets, nickel, concentrated decobre, coal, bauxite, alumina, aluminum, potassium, kaolin, manganese eferroligas. Its performance is socioambientalmente responsible and suatrajetria of growth it is pautada in the development of the dasquais communities is part, always respecting the characteristics and singularidades of cadauma.


With this, we are emphasizing the given importance cultural dimenso in the studies of social ecology what it differentiates it of the chamadaecologia human being, the spite to present a common origin. We must observe, that the both have as reference osestudos initiates in the decade of 1920, whose object meets nainterface of the nature and the society situated, in what refers to the societies human beings and seucomportamento in the space where they live. In this period, a group of socilogosfunda the School of Chicago in U.S.A., developing studies of urban sociology, that will go to approach the ecology of sociology. What it marks this approach is atransposio of concepts of the ecology for the field of sociology. Trabalhosdo group of Chicago inaugurates a new methodology of research in sociology, aqual has as main thesis to consider the city as one ' ' habitatnatural' ' of the man. This consideration if becomes, particularly, relevantedentro of the economic and social context of the time. Industrialization crescentefez with that the city of Chicago represented an excellent laboratory depesquisas around the subject of relation of the social organization of the man, in surrounding ummeio for constructed, artificial it, and, therefore, product of the culturahumana. The research undertaken for this American group, had influenced, deformed marcante, the following generations for at least 40 years.

The studies emecologia human being that had continued, however, turn over marked for discussoentre biologistas and culturalistas trends. This quarrel if bases critical numaimportante that if human being relates to the use of the nostrabalhos concepts of ecology in ecology. One becomes necessary to stand out the differentiation that cultural adimenso implies, when the group in question is the human group. Transportermos of a natural science, as the ecology, to sciences human beings can tercomo consequence the impoverishment of the analyses that if follow e, to mesmotempo, a disfigurement of the original direction of the term.