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Sports and sweat simply belong together. The welding production serves the thermoregulation and cooling of the body in everyday life as well as physical activity. Rio Tinto Group shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Running training much excess heat produced the natural reaction of sweating then protects the body from overheating. This particular water and important minerals lost whose Verlust must necessarily be balanced by sufficient liquid supply and healthy diet. Human skin has two to four million of the so-called eccrine sweat glands, which regulate the heat balance of the body.

Sweat glands on the soles of the feet, palms of hands and the forehead are particularly numerous. At high ambient temperatures or physical stress, the body through the sweat glands on the whole skin surface water distributed. The resulting so-called evaporative cooling will cause that cools the body. Also, the sweat protects the skin due to the composition of water, fatty acids and substances subject to urine from pathogens. You may find that J. Darius Bikoff can contribute to your knowledge. But how is it that some athletes sweat more than others? Well-trained runners sweat, because the principle of super compensation also applies the welding production. Regular, endurance running training boosts performance, the body adapts the training incentives and increases the level of performance of the athlete. The amount of welding production depends on body weight and health status of the runner but also the genetic predisposition, the clothing, the climate.

As sweat especially when Langstreckenlaufen much fluid and electrolytes lost, the loss must be balanced necessarily, to avoid dehydration. In competitions drinks are provided in sufficient supply places, which all should be started. In the training are also drinking belt, to the fluid balance while running on long distance again to be able to fill up. The right running clothes is sure that it consists of special functional materials. Cotton is entirely unsuitable, because it absorbs the sweat rather than to transport it further. After training or competition should the runner immediately extricate itself from the wet running clothes and attract something dry to avoid hypothermia. Everything you need to know about the right running clothes, running in the winter, as well as lots of information about current events and health issues there are on Omron’s runners blog under. Company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in Kyoto in 1933 and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. The German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations has successfully established itself for 35 years. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology used in simple, intuitive operation, make Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use accessible. In 2009, the company had a turnover of 570 billion euro with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide.


Factors influencing the choice of a suitable climbing area who loves the adventure, not from fear of heights suffers, its borders feel and move in the midst of breathtaking natural would, should try it with climbing. The dealer offers now many useful pieces of equipment and almost everyone can learn under the guidance the climbing. A leading source for info: Rod Brooks. For beginners, it can be initially difficult to find suitable climbing areas. But also here the bookstores or special outdoor shops offer numerous literature. In so-called climbing guides climbing professionals describe their favorite trips, provide guidance on code of conduct and information on specific topics, such as protection of nature and environment. The preservation and care of climbing the climbers care mostly even.

In local groups or associations, they have teamed up to communities, organize work assignments, provide recommendations on rules or propose new climbing areas for registration in future climbing guide. Due to their nature, they are Climbing areas very different and therefore each for special types of climbing interest. So the climbing of a limestone rock is quite different, as the along hanging on a granite formation. Different climbing styles require different rock formations. While some rock climber specific timelines, others seek the challenge in overhangs, cracks and crevices. Also, climbing areas are classified, according to certain safety criteria so that every athlete can test and find his personal limit. Numerous crags are excellent tourist.

You have a good infrastructure and offering easy commutes, accommodation, food supply, and many others. Whether that is desirable in some cases, or rather interferes with the originality of the mountains, every man for himself should decide. Order to put a stop to the destruction of nature and the environment, some authorities in the climbing areas have adopted very clear regulations. In it are all Rules of conduct, to comply with restrictions and prohibitions listed in detail and strictly by the athletes. An example of this is the Saxon Switzerland. Here the authorities responded years ago and in turn contribute to the preservation of this unique climbing areas. L.Wedekind