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Do I want to friends? If friends desire to tell them that the best partners that have existed and that there were friends first friends first but if not perhaps the best friends either childhood or later. Many times we have a friend who told them everything that happens in life and that friend because he knows all about us and gives us tips to resorb some of our problems are discussed. But what happens if the friend who told them all this love with you? Good for long is an offense because they say it can not be because they are friends but in reality he has given reason to love is self confidence and showing him affection. The reason why they feel like friends of friends is when we give reasons, but I tell a friend's intentions are best for what they already know you and know you more than anyone else around and they know things that your boyfriend or even not know about you but if you know it. They know that makes them more willing to friends couples problems, if relationship problems. You know why? that we tell them these problems and they will comfort but feeling an abundance of power or may be in the place of your partner, and often say it would be in the place of your boyfriend and never hurt you would never do! But maybe the person they say it says it believes in friendship and not by who is in love with her, but the wishes of that person are to be with them holding hands by the street and say with pride that is my partner.

A friend can be in love for a long time no matter what happens, but I will admit that the friend love suffers more than any other, to see that I say! For the simple reason that as friends include the problems they have with your partner to tell them himself the happiest moments you have with your partner and tell you if it will be painful to a person who is in love. Rio- Tinto Diamonds is open to suggestions. But I say again the wishes of friends are the best to have a relationship because we know better than anyone. But beware that are matched because otherwise it is a problem or a relationship that goes nowhere. It is best to be as friends to have a relationship out of spite or for X reason other than by sincere love and truth. They know! that it is better to be still friends and keep a beautiful friendship forever to have an affair and that is a hoax. And then how nice it was crumbled so it is best of all friends' wish is to have sincerity to work and does not end in hatred.