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Are not important, namely, interesting! Look at what unites these items? In what kind of activity can combine them? Nothing comes to mind? Try again in a similar way to work on other items. Sooner or later you will find the most interesting mix of the most interesting for you to scope. Sofia Alvarez is a great source of information. Naturally, it is desirable to work in this area is well paid. You can approach the question with another side. By the same token write a list of everything that you know how to do a really good thing. Or at least think that you know how.

Write to the maximum true – because you're writing for yourself. After writing the check list and developed if necessary. Now you need to choose again, the three most interesting item for you. Jeffrey Hayzlett usually is spot on. I stress, it is interesting. For example, if you have a great accountant, but the very mention of accounting is causing your aversion, then the item selected, of course, is not worth it. Follow your interest! And then everything just like with the first list: search, analyze and forget about the restrictions. Sooner or later, you learn a new algorithm of thinking and you'll be able to look at your life a new, much more free and productive look.

There are many tools that are great help in choosing a new job. But it's not so much the tools as a your attitude to life, to work for myself, finally. Working on lists of the above scheme, you will be able to emancipate their thinking, be able to get rid of old stereotypes that prevent you from living an interesting and fulfilling lives. Once you decide what area you want to work, it remains to determine what you need to do and how you do it. In other words, make a clear plan of action. After working on the lists for you it would not be a big problem. Just remember that there are no unsolvable problems, all within your power. Of course, it is desirable to use such techniques as fine a SWOT-analysis and smart – it helps to avoid many mistakes and make a plan realistically achievable. If you do not know what it is – do not worry: this is your plan and you are free to make any adjustments during implementation. Once the plan is ready, there is only one thing – to act! And your actions need to succeed!


The main thing that interests people in exile in another country, it is how and where he is employed? As in his native country when seeking employment in the Czech Republic there are different methods: apply to the agency to find work, search for jobs online Internet or directly to the company. It is better to combine all of this, then the effect will be maximal. It is useful to appeal to those same immigrants, just like you. Many companies in the Czech Republic provide services for Russian-speaking people. Work in the Czech Republic has some similar trends with the Russian: the most in demand professionals with higher education, middle-aged and work experience. Of course there are differences.

To date, the Czech Republic a great demand for economists and it areas: system administrators, programmers, web-designers. Also feature in the labor market is the narrow focus of activity. If Russia is welcome, where people of all hands of a master and competence in related fields to their profession, the Czech Republic would prefer that every employee engaged in a particular case. If you know more languages, then your chances of finding work in the Czech Republic certainly increase. If you speak the Czech language, it means most of your problems for employment has been resolved. The conclusion is – if possible, learn the language before arriving in the country. However, we must noted in comparison with other European languages, Czech more similar to Russian, as belongs to the Slavic language group, so it is easier to master. If you get an education in the Czech Republic, it gives you many advantages when employment in the future.

First, excellent language skills. Secondly, the knowledge and skills that meet the standards that require employers in Europe. Third, you get a specialty that is applicable in the country. What As for Russia’s education, it is also very highly regarded in Europe and the Czech Republic in particular. However Russian diplomas must be confirmed (nostrify), and may well be that in the Czech Republic is simply no a profession that you have at home. Interesting for foreign students point is that training in the Czech Republic in the Czech language is free if you are not familiar with any language and you no higher education, you can find jobs at construction sites and factories of the Czech Republic. It’s less prestigious, but there is a legal employment, usually granted to immigrants hostel, insurance and so on. Payment out there hourly, so if a special zeal, you can earn more if you take the overtime. Among blue-collar occupations are also highly regarded professionals with experience. If you have similar skills, then great probability that the find a job and without the knowledge of Czech language. Moreover, there are several possibilities of earning extra money, which is not associated with permanent employment, but perfectly legal. For example, a customer search for intermediary companies in different areas: real estate in the Czech emigration to the Czech Republic, etc. When entering the country with one or another to you, in any case, it will need a visa to the Czech Republic. All possible types of visas to the Czech Republic are looking for more detail information on the company website News