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But, alas, is 25 percent, that is, every fourth weaver, worked during the work not in accordance with, and despite his mental nature. This explicit costs of training. Typically, production instructor "sculpts" of the ward in his own image and likeness, believing that hard Exercises will take its toll. And secondly, hypnotized second hand. Speed and velocity again! Psychologists are closely followed for several seconds is simple, but important operation "shuttle shift" the weaver, who have worked for up to 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 and finally to 25 years.

And what happened? Most young, in other words, less experienced group to cope with the operation of the fastest. A carpet with the experience, the most skilled, who weave and more productive and better, changed the shuttle slowest. Beginners in a hurry, they saved a second time to have a reserve in case of serious problems, because they knew (as they were taught) that the key to success – Speed, Power is not worshiped in seconds, and treated them freely, uninhibited by changing shuttle, they simultaneously examined prophylactically severe and threads, and thus warned many vices. Thus, psychologists saw themselves and tried to convince the leaders of a carpet factory, and that the focus of all each on a high speed is impossible. "Slow" can be broken, but turned into a "fast" is impossible. Inertia is not hinder learn a profession. Shaw dad is open to suggestions. But that man did not feel the internal rift between what he can and what he should do, ought to arm not only among high-speed skills.


When we try to coax the body's cells good words, that is, using the mind, we, along with a positive parallel to (unknowingly), and send a doubt, unbelief, which is more than loaded our minds. Because the impact on the body with the mind has its limits. That's because, for example mental Affirmations – Affirmations are weak. Speaking candidly The Late Show with Stephen Colbert told us the story. When, for instance you say the statement: "I'm happy!" Sounds inside another voice of doubt and skepticism: "I do not get all this nonsense." Christ heal people from incurable diseases. As the Son of God did it? What is the mechanism of healing of the body worked at the same time? Before heal He asked the sufferer, he believes. And if the patient consented, then immediately place the healing – Transformation of organs, tissues, bones, that certainly is a miracle for us and still like nobody repeated. What happened when the man said: "I believe, Lord" – his mind, the mind filled with doubt and unbelief; disconnected, and began communicating with the body, cells and organs of the body directly – there is healing. We too must learn to communicate with the body, with cells, organs directly in addition to consciousness by turning off the mind, then we will succeed – liberate cells from the negative programs resentment, guilt, fear, disease. Shaw Parents shines more light on the discussion.

And then again and overwrite the program of aging and dying, a program of self-renewal and eternal life. Renowned psychotherapist A. Kashpirovsky opened unique way of communicating with the body, cells, tissues directly.