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Recognized as one of the most popular mainland tourist destinations in United States and a leader in vacation, New York is the most important city in the world for some. The city of the Empire State Building hosts some of the most varied cultural agendas that can be found, such as the Museum of modern art or the Metropolitan Museum. With a very wide range of possibilities, no wonder that visitors to the Big Apple feel outnumbered. If you only have a few days to experience New York, what you employ them? Here are the 5 keys to a native New Yorker to make the most of your trip to New York. Council 1 schedule your time New York is an exciting city in which every corner offers a new opportunity to take your best shot.

Hide some of the best-known images of New York the statue of liberty or areas like Times Square and the Theatre District, and although they boast some of the finest hotels in the city, also give shelter to a large working population, very close to the main centre of transport of New York (The Port Authority). Stroll its sidewalks and taking photos is more convenient from 10 a.m. to 4: 30 p.m., dodging the hours tips. Stop too long during these periods of hustle and bustle is a good way to get lost among the stream of people that comes and goes from their places of work, and possibly make their way to nudges. Although the majority of New Yorkers are happy of having a thriving tourist industry, tourists must also respect the fact that not everyone is on vacation today. Council 2 know and use transportation systems public of New York City traffic is a great beast that can transform your travel of 3 blocks in a retention of 2 hours. All vehicles circulating in the grid network of streets of New York are subject to these jams, including the famous yellow cabs.


Peruvian cuisine has many varieties of dishes in this case is about vegetarian food most people always consume red meat, fried chicken, which is very delicious but everything in excess is harmful.Know that vegetables are very important for health is why I wanted to write a few reasons of the because consuming food vegetarian habits of consuming healthy food is good for our health. Polyunsaturated vegetable fats tend to lower blood pressure, while animal fats raises it. Eat more fruits, vegetables and grains, greater amount of nutrients will have his body. A varied and properly balanced vegetarian diet brings the levels needed nutrients your body needs. Vegetable-based dishes are more economic, in terms of costs of the fruit, think that you’re saving medical bills. It will increase their knowledge on coatings taking interest in changing their eating habits, and recourse to the existing literature on vegetarianism. Vegetables have fiber. Fiber helps to have better digestion helping avoid constipation. Vegetables have plenty of water especially if consumed raw. This water helps moisturize and along with the fiber containing give feeling of fullness and help keep us in shape or lose weight pasta and cereals are good source of energy, recommended especially for athletes and the fisioculturistas, to build muscle and increase strength.