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In a few posts we have already dealt with the problem of anorexia in society. The eating disorder that has unfortunately caught presence over the past decade is a headache for nutritionists, psychologists, sociologists within the causes that we have named we’ve given much importance to the role that the media do, awarding a world of narrow waists. Why statements de Kate Moss Nada knows so well how to feel thin, they have raised a cloud of dust from criticism by some incitement to small sizes. The case has gone beyond because the signing of clothing Zazzle has not had another idea that put that phrase on their t-shirts, so the criticisms have multiplied even more. The ASA (Advertising Starndards Authority) put the cry in heaven to see t-shirts made for children with such resounding phrase and although Moss has not repeated such affirmation, it has become to talk about if the model with that attitude really promotes eating disorders among young people. According to collect News Star Flash, the signature portal has already removed the children’s t-shirts but not committed to do the same with adult models. The ASA has banned garments alleging that they could influence negatively in the diet of children. The case is that it is not Kate Moss precisely the example of beauty and health must be where set the younger, handsome British model has been more than once targeted by their bad food behaviors or even a possible drug use.