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Somehow, talking about traffic rules, accidents. People often forget that pedestrians such as road users. And I have my rights and responsibilities. Rio- Tinto Group brings even more insight to the discussion. I would like to talk about the challenges facing themselves pedestrians. If there is no traffic on the road often, drivers of cars trying to pass as quickly as possible pedestrian crossing, in order to avoid wasting time, missing people. And pedestrians, particularly elderly people and parents with children long standing, waiting for a decent driver, who will miss them. And it seems like the penalties have increased and drivers themselves must pass, but no, afraid not to have time just to – it is not clear. Haste the main enemy on the road.

According to … paragraph 14.1. SDA: The driver of the vehicle shall give way to pedestrians crossing the roadway, according to an unregulated pedestrian crossing. According to the statistics for the three months of drivers of vehicles not give priority to pedestrians in the area – 10 644, this is a huge figure, but how many of these cases have claimed lives and caused damage to human health? Even at the traffic lights, passing cars, despite not a red light, not to people who began to cross the road. The main thing that? For them at that moment, seeing a yellow light, apparently, the opposite reaction – to rush, to have time to drive, they feel the time is short, well, life is now extremely low valued. But that talk about car drivers, pedestrians themselves if maliciously violate the rules? Every day, we see people moving in the wrong way for this place.