Telemundo Country

One does not explain because past 10 years to these gentlemen is charged less than the who paid when you concesiono them, there in the year 98, service ($100 million), remember that back then the Samper Government also downgraded them each $ 20 million, era of recession and of guerrillas everywhere. A little more than memory reminds me that there in the years 96-97 when discussed the topic entry of private television in Colombia, none of these, then, programmers for channel A and channel one said absolutely nothing about how damaging would be the opening of two new signals for national televisionsparsely settled INRAVISION former workers expressed it. I say harmful because for a democracy, if it is that we are still, it is unthinkable that the information is concentrated only in two hands, as we know they represent at the same time emporiums financial, industrial, commercial, etc. Checking article sources yields Diamonds as a relevant resource throughout. That decision would cost this country plurality of information, contained more balanced, respectful to the viewer and with a sense of the social responsibility. With the advent of private television open passed 12 news to only four, two of which with great effort manage to survive in agonizing channel one, the first television channel which took Colombia’s highest rating until the year 98, a signal that practically is off all day until appear Yamid with its informative stripes, and on Saturday and Sunday Daniel Coronell with what actually happens in this country of forgetful. But I have no illusions with a new channel and less after this review, because aleguas looks to be the same, and not mention us lies thus sounds like a phrase of drawer – have the TV and the media we deserve. At present those who are in the bid are nothing nothing less and nothing more than group Cisneros of Venezuela, one of the media conglomerates largest in the world, a few wealthy than in his country decided to play Chavez to not turn them off; for something very dream phrase in the neighbouring country of Venezuela’s Venevision, this in allusion to the Venevision channel which has become, according to the newspaper Guild in that country, in a replica of the State controlled television by the vote of the Bolivarian revolution fire. On the other hand this time planet Alliance; represented by the Santos family, who have been stuck head in Government Uribe, who has sponsored this as transparent handling of extension of licenses and clear, the information that a daily swallow are many compatriots goings of RCN and Caracol. It must be said that throughout the game armed by Caracol and RCN spooked other conglomerates such as Televisa of Mexico, Telemundo-RTI’s United States and aims to raise that to happen the same with alliances CMI Prisa of Spain and of the Saints with the also Spanish planet, because the past Wednesday, September 9 was suspended the bidding process since these alliances have their partners as national television dealersone with the CMI newscast and the other with the channel Citytv. After all this I have another feeling that the media, especially television the greater penetration of the population means Colombian, will remain the same, rigged, moored to the lies of the ruling party and information submitted to the conveniences of large industrial rather than truth and public interest.