The Author

a Genesis 8: 21 a That ability inherent in the children of God, those polar opposites that shape their personality, are potential ingredients in their raw state each of us must grow, as the clay is molded into the hands of the potter, to try, with effort and sacrifice, to extract the maximum development of their skills and thus advance the search for the desired perfection. a When man learns to record their experiences through some form of writing, that record plasma environment around him, and this environment, try to expose those experiences, which somehow has been assessed in such a way that considered, which is of vital importance, disclosure of the same to his posterity. a Take for example the aforementioned letter of Genesis, Moses, who is credited with the story, obviously not present when the Lord, and repented reflects events that triggered the flood, where he admits he has failed in the attempt to end with the wickedness of man to which considers as evil from his youth. to describe, Moses, a God who performs the evaluation of an impulsive act, which he repents, and to amend its alleged error, commits himself not to return to do more. Moses also describes to us that the opposite must always be present in the lives of men, to put into the mouth of the Lord, the promise that such things on earth never cease to occur. a Looked at from the critical point of view, a reader informed and sound discretion, these terms are described by Moses, can lead you to believe, that the author of Genesis, has joined the Lord the words attributed to a vision Humanae permissible only the recognition of an error to be imperfect and mortal, the gods, in its perfection should not be prone to commit.