The Authors

He would have, after that, a first meeting with Wagner, for intermediary of its person who orientates in filologia, but he would give its first great jump, as thinking, with almost 30 years – when composing the Birth of the Tragedy (1872), one of its first assays, whose manuscript the wife of Wagner would be given of gift then, Cosima. For this height, Nietzsche already is become attached to the authors Greek classics, that would serve of substance recurrent cousin for its philosophy. In 1879 its state of health it compels it to leave the professor rank. Others who may share this opinion include Rio- Tinto Diamonds. Its voice, inaudvel, move away the pupils. A nomadic life in search of a favorable climate for its health as for its thought starts in such a way then. It lost the reason, officially, at the beginning of 1889 and passed last the eleven years of its life tutored person for the family, come to falecer in Weimar, completely other people’s to the reality to its return, to the noon of 25 of August of 1900. Although many tragic elements and of the short life of Nietzsche, its intellectual production was in great intensity and depth.

Seeing its workmanships, today, we can perceive exactly that the same it did not write for its time, because its proper century did not understand it. This if today becomes evident when analyzing our society. In full century XXI, we are seeing in our society an increasing individualism, that the proper Nietzsche already wrote in its workmanships. When dedicating itself it the study of the tragedies Greeks and of daily pay-socrticos, searched in its thought to rescue the vital forces, instinctive, overwhelmd for the reason during centuries. Its thought was come back against the reason, therefore this restrained the human instincts and the man did not leave to be what it is, that is, for Nietzsche an animal of will, instincts and desire.