The Peruvian

Meanwhile presidents, kings and sheik have announced greater democratization, rises of laws of exception and subsidies to foods of first necessity, in an attempt to save their thrones. The insurrection in Libya, to the closing of this edition, is causing 2000 deads, 5000 hurt and 1600 missing ones. There are many doubts on the news if Gadafi sent to the Libya Air Force on the civil populace, that caused repulsion in the world. Until the moment, there is no evidence, testimony, photo or no video that outside certain one. It seemed a psycho-social North American to isolate to Tripoli. The advisable thing is that the international community forms a commission that verifies the prevailing situation in the country. We hope that the Libya question is solved quickly if we do not want to see the petroleum barrel arrives of the 150 dollars, with disastrous consequences for the world-wide economy: less economic growth and inflation.

Peruvian decision the decision of the Peruvian government to suspend the relations with Libya, although it was praised by other States and organizations of the world and until described as unit, had, without a doubt, its high degree of moral component, since the commercial relations with that country are insignificant. In the mediatic thing it was important, but the revolts and the repression are increased in other Arab nations, would be absurd that Peru is suspending the relations with all of them. The Peruvian government has realised a concerted effort when approaching the Arab world like so that a good decision short term, but bad in the length, throws overboard years of work. It is not good for suspending or to break relations, always must have interlocutors. The United States and the then USSR, nor in the heat of ” Fra” war; they did it. We hope that the America Summit of the Arab South-Countries is realised although I have many doubts tender bridges between two regions that are not known. *Periodista.