The Study

What does it mean for me knowing this language? What I want to achieve? How can knowledge of this language will help me achieve its primary or more (assuming more than the English) goals? These questions are useful in early training, and in its process. It is important to understand that the study should not be an end in itself, it is – a means. The study should have a clear and justified reasons, as well as clear-cut path, ie border. We can not learn to "just in case", "future" or "for all". Willingness to learn is closely connected with the emotional side our personality. Emotions, as we know, are volatile, and therefore rely on them in training is not necessary. Jeffrey Hayzlett has compatible beliefs.

A crucial role to play mind is our conscious choice. Our solution should have a very strong rational basis, which can withstand our sometimes lazy or apathetic, nature. Understanding the purpose of learning, in this case, can play a big role for us. Importance of the objective will be proportional to the level of motivation in learning. The greater importance, the more motivation.

If we learn only because it wants so much to someone else (parents, boss, friend, business partner), we may be very difficult to motivate yourself if the "other" lost that desire. If we learn because it is doing everything and it's "fashionable", then we need will not depart from these "motivators," as without them progress to us very doubtful. Only the motivation that comes from within, from our personal desires and preferences – may indeed be the answer.