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They are not real in themselves, they are while we thus focus them. Although it sounds to quantum physics, these sorcerers envisioned it and experimented in depth many thousands of years earlier. They keep saying, that at birth, we do not see the world in the same way, but by a process of socialization, we are adapting our perception to what they call the center of reason. We are going by changing the point from which collect the received power, collecting emanations of different clusters, and therefore the subsequent interpretation. This happens, they say, because all our experiences are energy interrelationships, and that through the learning process, this energy flowing in every moment of life, will being stuck in new experiences, tying and securing the new point of perception, called that knitting pattern, being where the perception fits. Over the years, by the continuous energy vital anchor, this point is firmly still in the new position, except when we dream, or any exceptional event affects us (fear, fever, drugs, etc.). Our reality is already complete.

The rational world has become ubiquitous. But not for them. Unlock that energy to move the point of lace, and thus be able to change the vision of the world until unthinkable limits for us, is a part of their discipline. Called recap. Literally, revive its existence, in a process that is not now the case, but undoes this shutter, and allowed to, on the one hand, release the point lace, and on the other, with the recovered energy, move it at will. It is a kind of psychoanalysis (of brutal magnitude, and overwhelming sophistication), but without any connotation of psychological, continues to be a pragmatic, oriented towards an act purely in the energy field. This energetic reordering that manages to dislodge a stubborn anthropocentric view of the world, is very similar in the background to other many forms of human methodology.

Visualize the past to release traumas through self-hypnosis, reprogram the mind with subliminal messages, eliminating negative beliefs anquilosadas in the subconscious, forgive old sins to be well with God, psychoanalyze looking somatizar distant harrowing moments, and many more. In the end, you know, if you don’t make peace with your past, you can ruin the present. In short, science, psychology, religions, or shamanism, everyone just saying very similar things. Changes the shape, but not so much Fund: we must eliminate unnecessary ballast in our luggage, and to if possible, replace with useful elements which serve us to continue progressing. The method that you use is not the key, provided that it serves our purposes. As said Aristides de Aquenalusa, no matter the issue, matter solution (you do not seek it, does not exist, but is nice and if strain, strain). Each one, each nature, choose yours. It is the same for everyone. But, Redios!, do something, which are four days and then just. And I’ll better shut the mouth, that small told me that when it subsided, he was very handsome. Xavier Autor and source of the article


a Genesis 8: 21 a That ability inherent in the children of God, those polar opposites that shape their personality, are potential ingredients in their raw state each of us must grow, as the clay is molded into the hands of the potter, to try, with effort and sacrifice, to extract the maximum development of their skills and thus advance the search for the desired perfection. a When man learns to record their experiences through some form of writing, that record plasma environment around him, and this environment, try to expose those experiences, which somehow has been assessed in such a way that considered, which is of vital importance, disclosure of the same to his posterity. a Take for example the aforementioned letter of Genesis, Moses, who is credited with the story, obviously not present when the Lord, and repented reflects events that triggered the flood, where he admits he has failed in the attempt to end with the wickedness of man to which considers as evil from his youth. to describe, Moses, a God who performs the evaluation of an impulsive act, which he repents, and to amend its alleged error, commits himself not to return to do more. Moses also describes to us that the opposite must always be present in the lives of men, to put into the mouth of the Lord, the promise that such things on earth never cease to occur. a Looked at from the critical point of view, a reader informed and sound discretion, these terms are described by Moses, can lead you to believe, that the author of Genesis, has joined the Lord the words attributed to a vision Humanae permissible only the recognition of an error to be imperfect and mortal, the gods, in its perfection should not be prone to commit.


The education center is not more the professor, nor more the pupil, is started then to value the techniques. Appearing the school technique, where its pedagogia would be the efficiency and the productivity thus reorganizing the educative process with intention to become operational objective and. Therefore, this new model of school comes to articulate directly with the production system, having as an only interest to produce and to enable competent individuals to be inserted to the market of work, if worrying only about the techniques and forgetting social or psychological the changes. In this new model in such a way the professors and the pupils have that to adjust itself with the information of the specialists to characterize the man power. Montauk Colony LLC has many thoughts on the issue. The THEORY OF the BENDING OF the POLE the author detaches in the book school and democracy on the theory of the bending of the pole, has a reflection on two ways of the education, where Saviani (1981.

p: 38) say: …, ' ' In this appendix I will make a small consideration on ' ' the theory of the bending of vara' '. I do not know if the theory of the bending of the pole is conhecida' '. Saviani makes a reflection where it involves the individual and the demonstration of how much to the education influence the life and if leaves to also influence for the social changes that is demonstrated by the revolutions of classrooms, that occurred as reflected of the education and justify these attempts to adjust and to diminish in the education the social differences, and affirms that when more was looked to speak in democracy in the school, less democratic it was. Therefore, she observes yourself that all the consideraes arrive at the point to affirm that really the education and the politics are identical, the only difference are that they follow practical distinct and characteristic proper, therefore if ahead of the education the objective is to convince, in the politics if it has for objective to be successful. The education becomes legitimizes the social differences and keeps out of society instead of attenuating the fight against the ideologies of classrooms. Its paper that would have if to serve of instrument for the choices of the free, democratic man, citizen and autonomous worker finishes, then if becoming a manipulation tool it critical thought of the society. REFERENCE: SAVIANI, Dermeval. School and Democracy. 4 Ed. Authors Associates, SP: 1981.