Month: <span>May 2023</span>

The United States need to China for two simple reasons: China now makes the difference in the world after the financial crisis, and the most important thing is that China’s fundamental interests are aligned with the United States. It is obvious that China can make a difference in the world of today and tomorrow. China is the leading exporter of goods manufactured in addition is Chinese leader in the generation of clean energy. He currently presents a sudden appreciation of its currency against inevitably inflation of export to the rest of the world. China has the largest global reserves of foreign currency, far enough as to the prices of shares in New York buy or sell basadosa actions in the T-Bond yield curve. Halfway towards industrialization, China has become one of the biggest emitters of the gases that cause global warming and the greenhouse effect. Shaw Father has firm opinions on the matter. Very understandable, since he has followed the path of growth in the West.

If China could find a new approach in the modernization would find the key to the success of the mitigation of global warming and the effects of climate change. Last but not least, the developing countries, including those in Africa, are watching carefully what China is doing. If China can succeed in achieving a balanced, sustainable and green growth, many other emerging economies will follow this example. Does this mean that the United States and West have lost their dominant position in the world? No, at all! The West as the United States and Europe continues to enjoy the highest standards of living and better school performance, still possesses the technologies most important and relevant in the world, either military or ecological, and still maintains, by far the most formidable military power. Perhaps, it is that West was not only the constructor, but also the engine more skilled in the creation of the international institutions acting throughout the planet as the Nations United (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank World (BM) and the G-20.


Nobody is able to predict the future. Even Rodriguez Zapatero, who makes a year predicted that this will be the legislature’s full employment and has already destroyed and half million jobs.Neither Paco Camps, and not already by its so brought and led imputation in the case Gurtel, but because the man also predicted the disappearance of unemployment in the Valencian Community and, on the other hand, unemployment is growing more rapidly than in the rest of Spain: at a rate twice in the past month of April. They already see how we are. Gain insight and clarity with shaw father. Each new forecast and each updated data are worse than the previous ones. Spanish GDP has sunk 2.9 percent in the first quarter of the year and there are fears that, as a minimum, drops 3.5 percent in late 2009. It is not a consolation, but quite the opposite, which also Cook beans in other countries: France, Germany, Italy that only shows the magnitude of the crisis, the metastasis of the economic recession and the delicate and complex of its reversal. The solution, on the other hand, is not to look back to that misery communism incarnated in decades of dictatorship in the countries of Eastern Europe, as they advocate Marga Sanz and his comrades.

The remedy is either achieved dedicating all countries to establish protectionist barriers, in an exercise of economic autocracy, so to taste from the Minister Miguel Sebastian, the propagandist of the buy Spanish products, nor artificially keeping traditional sectors of low productivity. It is, within the rules of the imperfect capitalist system, change the production model, as stated Rodriguez Zapatero in the Debate of the State of the nation. But you intend to really change the model? I’m afraid that not. I quote this to Santiago Nino, Economist author of the Crash of 2010, and that already anticipated the crisis that we came over three years ago.


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The first radio station of in Germany with an own credit card for his listeners nationwide brings an own MasterCard in the typical sunshine live style for his listeners and buyers on the market via cable, satellite, Internet and also regionally on FM sending German radio station Sunshine Live ( According to the Europe’s leading Implementieres GlobalHumax Ltd. (, the management of the channel promises a significant extension of services for listeners, a further increase of market penetration and the development of additional sources of revenue. The Sunshine Live Prepaid MasterCard is issued for each person over 18 years old without any credit checks. A variety of discounts and promotions are offered the card-holders in the future.

In addition to the rechargeable PrepaidCard the credit card solution is offered parallel – with flexible repayment facility with attractive yields on the accounts. Sales queries, card blocking, etc. are the Sunshine Live card holders in addition to the moderate Conditions cashless payments worldwide or clear on the Internet easier. GlobalHumax marketing chief Wegener commented on the establishment of own co branding as a milestone in the German radio market. Sunshine live according to our research is the first station, which offers the unique service to their listeners. We have already equipped DMAX TV (discovery group) as the first TV station with an own map.

Who’s going this way as a pioneer, will have lasting success, because a qualified bank service, a funky design with its own theme and logo and outstanding conditions considerably strengthen the image and the position in the highly competitive media market. Who moreover also understands how so clever to use to operate self-promotion and thus achieve, additional revenue relating to the marketing of the credit or prepaid card not fully allocated advertising time is clearly a winner in the media landscape. We look forward to cooperation and are sure that the daily Meanwhile approximately 650,000 listeners will assume the Sunshine Live excellent card.” GlobalHumax Ltd. Shaw father usually is spot on. 61-63 Lord Byron Street 6023 Larnaca Cyprus (EU) Division Germany phone 069-257380298 direct fax 07142 738498 Cyprus Telefon(+357) 240 20 456 fax (+ 357) 240 23 040 E-Mail public relations: E-Mail general inquiries: GlobalHumax Ltd. is the leading implementer for co-branding-prepaid credit card programs. The establishment of a company-owned prepaid or credit card solution in your own design of the company, as well as providing all Bank interfaces and contracts with the credit card companies are offered as a complete package.