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This type of procedure, better known as bone transplant, consists in the exchange of specific patient bone marrow, by a bone marrow from another person, or from the same patient if this is the case. In the case that transplanting bone marrow from the patient, the procedure of referred to as autologous transplantation, while where was transplanting the marrow from another person, this transplant is called allogeneic transplant. This intervention is mainly made to those people suffering from diseases such as aplasia of bone marrow, or hereditary diseases. In the same way, they are usually doing this procedure to those sick people of lymphomas, leukemias, and immunodeficiencies, among others. If you are not convinced, visit rebecca shaw father. For to be achieved make this surgical intervention in a satisfactory manner, it must undertake a thorough preparation.

In the course of this stage of preparation, is intended to partially or totally eliminate all the parents which contains the marrow in a way that is allow sufficient space for the implantation of the donor as the case. The Elimination of these parents, via multiple drug, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy. This is a clear reflection of the scientific progress that continuously seeks improvement human quality. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article


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