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That the building at random, faceless high-rise building standard "Box", to build the first purchased the site at a reasonable price and receive a profit, companies now have to forget! – Says Andrew Zapevalov – Only a thorough knowledge of land and real estate markets in the region, knowledge of concurrency protection, market research, the development of the individual really attractive to clients of the project will facilitate the successful implementation of projects on the residential real estate of Crimea. With respect to falling prices for primary residential property caused by the crisis, in the opinion of most experts, the Crimea will survive its most easily. Of course, the expected 20% or 25% increase in prices for apartments southern coast it is not expected, however, a catastrophic fall in prices should be expected. According to experts with the crisis before the end of 2008 apartments in the regions of Yalta, Alushta, Sevastopol will drop no more than 10-15% (and we are talking about prices in dollars, taking into account growth rate which we can speak of continued growth in house prices in Euro). In this real estate of Crimea low-cost hardly more than a fall in price by 5-10%, mid-priced apartments can "lose weight" in costs by 10-15%, the same price of luxury housing and apartments (which ranges from 500 to 1 million USD or above) is expected to almost fall. According to experts of the company "Market-Crimea" in the crisis for builders and developers residential real estate of Crimea one of the most important tasks will be to find new financing methods. So one of the promising areas of real estate could become the Crimea in installments, which will exclude banks from the chain builder-buyer. Naturally, such a pattern of relations may be a "shoulder" only big companies with their own funds. According to experts, the accumulation of pent-up demand due to a number of conservation objects can lead to stabilization and then an increase in housing prices in the Crimea is in the 2nd half of 2009, while proposals for this period will be less..