Carmen Rodriguez

Differences of up to 113% in the price of ADECES (Asociacion Pro civil, economic and social rights) operators find differences of up to 113%, i.e. more than 150 euros for a basket type of thousand minutes of calling, mobile and intelligent network (90 X), the most expensive domestic consumption basket and in addition they are excluded of gratuity in commercial packages that offer different operators. Analyzed calls are very important in residential consumption, in particular, the numbering 90 X very used on all services of help desk, aftersales services and even services of appointment of health, etc. Packaged offerings of telecommunications operators have put the accent, throughout these years in free national calls from fixed to fixed, Metropolitan, provincial or interprovincial communications are therefore free to one number of minutes sufficient for homes. But the emphasis on this type of commercial offers packaged, casts a shadow over the costly reality of those aimed at mobile, intelligent and international network. Comparison with target calls calls to mobile phones cost differences reach 54%, among the cheapest operator (MOVISTAR) and the most expensive (ONO), i.e., 45.

Other operators such as VODAFONE, EUSKALTEL, R and JAZZTEL are between 30% and 38% more expensive. ORANGE and TELECABLE are 27% and 17% respectively more costly. The price differences are still made in calls to intelligent network numbers (90 X) in which, among the most economical operator (MOVISTAR) with 15 euros, and the most expensive (VODAFONE) there are differences in 131 euros, i.e. a 854%. The percentage difference with respect to R is also significant (143%), as well as to JAZZTEL and ONO, above 80% in both cases. ORANGE costs are slightly more expensive (13%) and TELECABLE is 8% more expensive.

Also in calls internacionales1 there are differences between the more cheap, now JAZZTEL (39.37 euros) and the most expensive EUSKALTEL (65,40 euros), i.e. 66%. The differences are below 40% compared to ONO and by 30% in relation to TELECABLE, reaching close to 15% in the cases of R and VODAFONE. Finally the difference in relation to MOVISTAR and ORANGE is 8% and 6% respectively. In a basket type of domestic consumption of thousand minutes of international calls, mobile and intelligent network are observed price differences of up to 113%, i.e. more than 150 euros. MOVISTAR in this basket is the most cheap with 139 euros, while VODAFONE with 297 is the most expensive operator, followed with more than 200 euro ONO and EUSKALTEL. In the vicinity of the 200 R and JAZZTEL are. Finally, above the 160 euros are ORANGE and TELECABLE. The growth of such calls the constant growth experienced by this type of calls and their prices do every day have more relevance. Thus for example, the percentage of total (domestic and business sector) traffic towards Mobile went from 6% in 2002 to 8.5% in 2009, although it stood at 9.4% in 2007 (before the crisis). In the residential sector fixed-mobile calls accounted for 5.1% in 2009, but two years earlier accounted for 6.2%. For its part, calls from residential, to numbers of network intelligence, grew despite the crisis, going from 3.9% in 2007 to 4.2 per cent in 2009, in unequivocal proof, that they want or not users, are committed to employ increasingly this type of numbering, finally, international calls remain that least affect the basket of residential users. In 2007 were 2.4% and in 2009 fell to 1.7%. For more information: Carmen Rodriguez 914667051-655319004 access to graphics: basket llamadas.pdf source: press release sent by Adeces.