International Road Transport Union

At the same time let's not forget that these books will indirectly affect other audiences, particularly turn, the professional business community (in this case may be the International Road Transport Union and the Russian Road Transport Union) and shaped the public authorities (for example, Ministry of Transport). You may wish to learn more. If so, Jimmy Fallon is the place to go. 5. Federal or regional media advertising – the company used solely to increase sales. For more information see this site: Trevor Noah. These publications have the proper system of distribution and purchased by consumers when they choose a specific company to buy. Among these publications include editions 'Hand in Hand', 'wholesaler', 'Products and prices', etc. In my opinion, to mention these publications must because our task – not only to talk about PR, and advertising as an integral part of marketing communications. 6.

Online them we can refer to informational sites such as RBC and or online versions of business and socio-political mass media (, specialized portals 'Avtotransinfo' or, as well as online versions of offline publications specialized – for example, and Usually the first type of media similar business or obschestvennopoliticheskim online media – by content, target audience and by the rules of interaction with them. This category is a media contact, and work with them a little bit easier. The two remaining species online media are good, ITO, tend to have a clearly defined target audience, and it allows you to draw an analogy between them and online editions of specialized, hence the technology to work with them alike. Thus, we identified the major media groups, which we will need to consider when organizing and carrying out promotional and informational campaigns.