Language Internet

Internet – a project occurs in 2 forms: – project. – project is the fact that the student gets the job, for which he needs to find information in Internet and then provide the results of their search. Checking article sources yields Rio- Tinto Diamonds as a relevant resource throughout. For example, the passage of the theme "flat" students receive the task "to go" (the Internet) in real estate offices and "buy" or "remove" an apartment or house. In process of students receive relevant country information about the life of Americans, the economic aspect of the studied countries (exchange rate, value); easily remember the lexical material in the course of the project. e-mail – There are 2 types of draft written communications on the Internet: synchronous (chat) and asynchronous (e-mail).

In the chat participants exchanged written messages, but do it in real time. This method is effective for Individual language learning. The audience for this activity is difficult to implement. You also need to speak the language at a fairly high level. In the synchronous written communication it is possible to think, correct, rewrite your text (this is important especially for beginners (language study)). e-mail – a project jointly run with 2 or more groups of students from different countries, for which the language is foreign. The participation of native speakers do not appropriate, because language, and hence a meaningful level of communication they are unlikely to be interested.

Students it is important that the texts are made not for the teacher to demonstrate their knowledge and get that assessment, and for peer partners (and we know how important teen teenager view). to give them some interesting information, or to discuss relevant issues. For example, the game is "Odyssey" The game is played from a variety of groups 05/06 countries. Each group chooses a code name. The players do not know where they live their partners. The aim is that participants guessed as soon as possible, in what country is the other group, and as long as possible did not disclose his location. Educational television – and video programs. With the use of the body – and video equipment are removed language difficulties of perception (as in not knowing what – or words (foreign) "doponyat" is possible by means "Pictures"). Before you watch the movie need to enter and consolidate new words. Just to settle any difficulty in understanding the content of the film (a film you can stop and see a strange passage again.) After viewing effective methods of question – response exercise, which is checked by means of understanding the effective use of simulation film dialogues.