Latin American One

Of course it was to be expected that one was not going away to give unamimity in the fine declaration with the companies of all the presidents, that already was warned, especially before the problem of the inasistencia of Cuba. For that reason it does not surprise that one says, that the question of Cuba was one of the obstacles unsalvable that they have prevented to agree a final declaration, a to weigh of which Obama announced that government is ready for " new comienzo" with Cuba and to enter into an ample dialogue with his leaders. The Latin American leaders have asked very insistently to the American agent chief executive who ends the 47 years of North American economic embargo on the island. The raised final document rough draft was rejected especially by the member countries of the Alternative Bolivariana for Latin America and the Caribbean (WHITE), headed by Venezuela by to consider it " insufficient and inaceptable" , and in addition because " it does not give respuesta" to different restlessness from the continent. In any case, the own Chvez emphasized after the last meeting of the American leaders to whom the press did not have access that this summit has abierto " a new one was in the relations between all the countries of ours continente" , according to it gathers TeleSur. In its declaration, the countries of the DAWN, Bolivia, Cuba, Dominican, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela, explain that the rough draft of declaration is " insufficient and inaceptable" because " it does not give answers to the subject of the economic crisis global" and because " it excludes unwarrantedly to Cuba". It is possible to indicate, that it is the first time in the history of these summits, that began in 1994 in Miami, that a group of countries vetoes in block a final declaration. .