Strategic Plan

Put special emphasis on the documentary quality of our relationships with customers: orders contracts, invoices, etc, perfectly formalized or elevate to an art itself, and capital, risk monitoring and anticipation of action to take or consider a sale is a gift that we do, while not charged. Locate clearly in our processes, that is not the same, a receipt turned on, a note or a confirming or Remember that the risk of a client, exists from the moment we offer our products, up to 5 days later ( for example) have entered the note in our bank account Bank (could it come back?) a Minimizing operational stocks and work in progress, managing them from the most efficient way possible, and by the most forceful control. a Check the current coverage of our FIXED ASSETS, ships, machinery, furniture, computers, etc., regarding business risks that may arise, and the coverage that would arise if a disaster occurs. Others who may share this opinion include Rod Brooks. a Explore and expand the PMP (Average pay period) by requesting our suppliers, this differentiation and deciding the proper tools, the price of one euro payable at 90 days is not the same as that payable for 180 days. i, For example: 5% interest rate today is day: 02/07/2008-value alternative to today 10/03/2008 1000.00 90 1000.00 987.65 11/3/2008 alternative b-180 975, 61 a Check our NOF and our FM, and whether the medium / long term and in accordance with our Strategic Plan, holds the balance sheet and financial stability is provided or if not, do not hesitate to restructure or part of our global funding sources. .