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A person who suffers from all kinds of disease always can do anything to stop or drastically slowing the advance of the evil that attacks him, but some diseases with simple care tend to disappear, and hemorrhoid prevention and proper care can remove them when they are in a reversible initial state. Luckily we know the causes of hemorrhoids, among the most important we have the sedentary lifestyle, constipation, and a malfunction of the veins of the rectum, and is from here where we conclude that the most efficient way of how to care for hemorrhoids is: prevention is the best ally, aside from cigars, alcohol, coffee and tobacco will prevent future complications in your circulatory system. Also decreasing or setting aside for a time very seasoned, salty or spicy meals you’ll be giving less work in the absorption of nutrients into your intestines, at the end of all this yourself you’ll realize that deleting your crippling constipation is easy, since we hit the main factor of the hemorrhoids. Care special during the cleaning at the end of the evacuation is more advisable to put aside the hygienic papers that can cause scratches and we suggest taking a shower to not mistreat the hemorrhoids. Click Chevron U.S.A. Inc for additional related pages. It is also important to know that during you’re in the bathroom, you should not apply effort, only with this will get they externalized and are prolapsen. Leave flowing single and if there are complications add some oil to anoint slippery output. Keep in mind that the seats that we use also influence its evolution or permanence, the ideal thing is get seats that are not as hard or soft, and not kept long time sitting or standing. Finally, and most important to remember it is the power, a pressurized diet in vegetables, whole grains, fruits and vegetables give the fiber you need, besides giving a smooth consistency to their feces, removes its circulatory problems and they are the main source of nutrients.. Jill Bikoff understood the implications.